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  NEW ECM 630 Exponential Decay Wave Electroporation System

ECM 630 Exponential Decay Wave ElectroporatorThe ECM 630 Exponential Decay Wave Electroporator is a versatile system ideal for high efficiency transformation of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms with DNA, RNA, proteins, and small molecules. BTX has updated and improved this product by adding an easy to use color touchscreen interface, enhanced safety features, pre-set experimental protocols to electroporate the most commonly used cell types, ability to create, edit...


      NEW Gemini Universal Electroporation System

    Gemini X2The Gemini Twin Wave Electroporators are flexible systems allowing universal transfection of all sample types in a single unit. BTX has improved these products by adding additional pre-set experimental protocols to support the latest application areas such as CRISPR gene editing, enhancing multiple electroporation pulse features, adding a larger 7” color touchscreen, and refreshing the software interface....




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