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CEM Corporation

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All articles from CEM Corporation

  CEM Launches the Liberty PRIME Peptide Synthesizer

CEM Corporation is proud to announce the release of the new Liberty PRIME™ automated microwave peptide synthesizer. The Liberty PRIME is the most efficient peptide synthesizer ever made and utilizes a new methodology for solid phase peptide synthesis. It features an unprecedented 2 min complete cycle time (at 0.1 mmol scale) and produces only 50% of the waste per cycle compared to CEM’s highly efficient Liberty Blue™ peptide synthesizer....


  CEM MARS 6 Microwave Sample Preparation SystemCEM Corporation, a leading global provider of microwave laboratory instrumentation is pleased to introduce the new MARSTM 6 Microwave Sample Preparation System with patent-pending One TouchTM Technology, an advanced, intuitive software and sensor design that greatly simplifies the technique. The food testing, pharmaceutical, consumer product, and environmental industries are growing at rates of 5-10% each year increasing the output on analytical labs. Changing laboratory dynamics demand a system with built-in knowledge and training videos. Totally redesigned with an innovative combination of features and capabilities, MARS 6 was developed to make sample preparation for elemental analysis virtually effortless...



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