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  European medical imaging technology conference, MediSens, discusses the future and improvement of cancer detection and treatment

Created by medical practitioners and the world’s foremost experts at the cutting edge of imaging technology, this two-day conference in central London addresses the need for an integrated approach to developing medical imaging systems for clinical use. The conference bridges the gap between medical professionals and the imaging technology supply chain, providing the community with a better understanding of the challenges and capabilities of today’s advanced medical imagers.


  What can medical imaging learn from baseball?

MediSensIt may seem like a convoluted analogy but actually the comparison is profoundly linked to how diagnostic medicine is changing thanks to technology.

Wind back 15 years and the real power of getting a solution, i.e. assembling a team, was with the sports scouts, by feel, using their experience to spot opportunities and create balanced teams based on small budgets. The back-room boys, modelling of pre-existing data-sets to extrapolate patterns, able to influence broad strategies but little in the way of hands-on selection of who plays in which game...



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