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Metrohm UK Ltd

Metrohm UK Ltd

Metrohm UK Ltd


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All articles from Metrohm UK Ltd

  Metrohm USA Opens Its New Headquarters in Florida

Metrohm USA welcomes its Tampa employees to their new North American headquarters in Riverview, Florida. Since breaking ground in February 2017, the 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility has evolved into a space that exemplifies Metrohm’s continued commitment to its customers and employees. “Metrohm’s dedication to the people that use our instruments and those who support them make us who we are as a company....


  Metrohm Application Finder Now Includes Standards and Methods for Regulatory Compliance

Metrohm is proud to announce an update to the application finder on its website that allows users to search application notes by industry method.

metrohmThe company’s extensive library features more than 2,000 documents that apply to a variety of industries. Metrohm application notes are concise documents that present real-world instrument data to prove the feasibility of a particular measurement....



Wet chemical analysis by definition includes handling liquid reagents. Exposure to chemicals during reagent exchange is a potential hazard to the health of laboratory workers, especially when removing aspiration tubes from bottles with toxic content. 

OMNIS Liquid AdapterMetrohm is pleased to present the OMNIS Liquid Adapter, a new technology that puts an end to this risk altogether by handling reagents in a closed system at any stage during reagent exchange. Fully protected exchange of reagents in a matter of seconds....


  Metrohm and Industry Leaders Develop ASTM Acid Number Method for Petroleum Products

Metrohm is proud to announce that a method developed using the 859 Titrotherm titrator has been released by the ASTM for the determination of Acid Number (AN) in crude oil and petroleum products.

859 Titrotherm titratorMethod D8045 demonstrates the superiority of thermometric titration for complex petroleum samples as it is significantly faster, requires less maintenance and consumes less reagent. Thermometric titration uses a highly sensitive, fast responding electrode that detects enthalpy change at the endpoint. This method requires no sensor maintenance aside from a solvent rinse, needs no hydration and requires no calibration. New chemistries used in ASTM D8045 significantly lower the...


  Automatic weighing, dissolving, analyzing in one system Have you ever wished you could weigh in samples directly on the rack of your processor/analyzer? Fully automatically? Now you can. The 864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor is the first system that allows you to prepare and analyze liquid samples fully automatically in one operation from weighing through to titration.



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