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Laser 2000 UK Ltd

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All articles from Laser 2000 UK Ltd

  Bluebox Optics launches a new modular LED light source ideally suited for fluorescence microscopy.

niji LED-based Light Source for Fluorescence MicroscopyWhen speaking with researchers we identified the wish for a flexible and future-proof LED light source for single and multiband fluorescence microscopy. With the niji’s uniquely reconfigurable mainframe, LEDs and filters can be changed by the user in minutes, there’s no need to know today what wavelength you need in the future,” said Alan Hughes, Director of Bluebox Optics....


  Introducing Moku:Lab, a new all-in-one device for professional test and measurement

The New All-in-one Device For Professional Test & Measurement in Laboratories

MokuLabMoku:Lab replaces multiple test and measurement instruments with a single device. It measures, records, and generates signals from DC to 200 MHz and can seamlessly switch between instruments....




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