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Computer Imprintable Label Systems Ltd.

Computer Imprintable Label Systems Ltd.

Computer Imprintable Label Systems Ltd.


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All articles from Computer Imprintable Label Systems Ltd.

  CILS Xylene-Resistant Slide Labels for Manual Tissue Processing

CILS have worked with Cancer Research to create a durable, printable label for identifying microslides during manual, xylene-based tissue processing.

CILS 8100-USRS label material printed with a CILS RRD grade thermal transfer printing ribbonThe laboratory’s existing labels were inadequate for their standard deparaffinising protocols; separating from the adhesive, disintegrating and causing vital data to be lost. While several solvent-resistant label materials exist, most are constructed for automated processes where the xylene, acetone or similar agent will have evaporated before slides are handled by a technician. In the case of the Cancer Research laboratory, manual tissue processing means slides are handled while wet with xylene, causing printed data to smudge on these labels....


  Keep track of every sample with CILS

Laboratory labelling experts CILS have created the CILS-8/9100HT label range to stay legible and secure to labware during demanding sterilisation processes, including repeated autoclave cycles, extreme temperatures (-196°C to +388°C), radiation exposure and chemical sterilisation, providing you with failsafe labware identification.

CILSCILS-8/9100HT labels are available in any shape and size to match your needs, ready for you to add variable data (barcodes, batch numbers etc.) with a standard laser or thermal transfer printer – perfect for both on-demand or mass batch label printing....


  New Autoclave indicator labels

Now computer printable!

Printable Autoclave LabelCompatible with thermal transfer printers, the CILS-8100ACL label range is designed to withstand the autoclave process, during which dark stripes appear on the labels to easily identify sterilised vessels. Labels also resist cleaning agents (e.g. IPA), moisture, humidity, repeated handling, extreme temperatures (-55°C to +155°C) etc. CILS-8100ACL autoclave labels can be made to your specific requirements; pre-printed or blank.



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