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GHG Software Developments Limited

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All articles from GHG Software Developments Limited

  Bridging the Gap Between Lims and Cancer Registry (COSD) Reporting

TalkingPoint Commander, GHG Software’s workflow scripting solution, is being used as a bridge between legacy LIMS (laboratory information management systems) and the Free D Path specialist software for cancer registry reporting.

Dr Fred MayallFree D Path is a modern database application developed by Dr Fred Mayall, Consultant Histopathologist at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, to manage cancer registry reporting data requirements. It works on most platforms, including PCs, Macs and iPads, and has won an NHS Innovation Prize from the Secretary of State for Health....


  Speech recognition in pathology cut-up; revolutionary change at Derriford Hospital

The Histopathology Department at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust has successfully extended its TalkingPoint pathology deployment from microscopy to include cut-up.

talking pointTalkingPoint allows a Biomedical Scientist (BMS) to efficiently generate a cut-up report using speech recognition (SR) unassisted by a scribe.  TalkingPoint also automates LIMS entry, saving a further hour per day.Dean Harmse, Consultant Histopathologist, Derriford Hospital, said:” The TalkingPoint implementation is one part of a complete process change here.  SR has been a vital cog in the wheel, complemented by process and procedural developments throughout the pathology department....



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