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  F-DGSi presents the

Its space saving stackable design allows you to make the most of your lab space and the modular design allows for different combinations to suit single and multiple GC applications.

Gen-Gen2Looking to the future, the F-DGSi Modular Alliance Series can also accommodate Helium to Hydrogen conversion as natural resources run low and costs rise, with our high purity H2 generator model WM-H2. Hydrogen provides many advantages over helium including, higher resolution, shorter run times, longer column life, and cost savings. Many instrument manufacturers now provide resources to make switching carrier gas easier....


  New ALLIANCE range of laboratory Gas Generators from F-DGSi.

A completely new Hydrogen, Zero Air and Nitrogen product line, the ALLIANCE range of generators incorporates the latest technologies available, in an a sleek and appealing design.

FDGSiF-DGSi company offers a complete range of gas generators and accessories, fulfilling the requirements of all laboratory analyzers such as:LCMS, GC, ICP, DEDL, IRTF, TOC, NMR, AA, electronic Noise, Rheology, Particle sizing by laser diffraction, DSC, Sample prep Autosamplers


  Why they choose an F-DGSi Gas Generator

In this latest video you will hear why people are choosing F-DSi Gas Generators over their other competitors.

FDGSi logoEnd users talk about their experience of using FDGSi gas generators and share their feedback on the products and quality of service provided. Whatever are your needs, F-DSi gas generators enable you to produce Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Pure Air with purities higher than 99,9999%.



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