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Pro-curo Software Ltd

Pro-curo Software Ltd

Pro-curo Software Ltd


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All articles from Pro-curo Software Ltd

  Pro-curo Software Ltd appoints Planer plc to distribute its sample tracking software

Pro-curo Software Ltd appoints Planer plc to distribute its sample tracking software worldwide

Planer the new Pro-Curo software distributorPro-curo Software Ltd has appointed a new worldwide distributor, expanding its growing reach into the global marketplace. Through its teams located around the world, Planer plc will supply Pro-curo Software Ltd’s sample tracking software to users ranging from single, small laboratories to large institutes. As a supplier of controlled rate cryo freezers, incubators and loggers to IVF, veterinary, research, hospital and cell laboratories, Planer plc works routinely with researchers handling irreplaceable samples. The need for a reliable, tailored sample tracking system is therefore well understood, and Pro-curo software provides an ideal solution...


  Pro-curo Software offers solutions to track any sample volume from 10 to 10 million

Pro-curo Software Ltd. provides a range of software packages to fulfil the tracking requirements of small, medium and large life science laboratories.

Different versions of Pro-curo software are availableWhen working with Pro-curo, purchasers can select the package that meets their exact requirements. For smaller labs especially, this avoids the common problem of having to invest in systems that are larger than required with features that are not relevant to their needs. Pro-curo solutions start with Pro-curo Lite, designed for small research groups and laboratories storing just a few samples. At the other end of the spectrum....


  Pro-curo Software Ltd

With laboratory automation constantly advancing, it is important that laboratories update their systems to keep up with current legislation and technology trends.

Pro-curo Software Pro-curo Software Ltd assists labs in introducing new systems by making the adoption and integration of the company’s sample tracking software as easy as possible. By ensuring that setup and installation of Pro-curo software is quick and simple, without posing any risks to existing data and through supplying complete training and 24-hour customer support, Pro-curo Software Ltd makes sure that the transition to their innovative, user-friendly tracking system runs smoothly....


  Pro-curo Software Ltd

Pro-curo Software Ltd, supplier of sample inventory and tracking software to life science markets, has introduced a 24-hour customer service and support system which incorporates various channels of communication

Pro-curo softwarePro-curo Software Ltd has a high focus on providing excellent levels of support and this fresh approach ensures that customers are always able to reach their assigned technical support contact, even in the case of 24-hour laboratories or those in different time zones. The support system uses a combination of email, telephone, text message and live chat, keeping the process as efficient and pain free as possible. Users only speak with a single contact, who then interacts with separate departments within the company to ensure an issue is resolved.



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