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Sierra Instruments

Sierra Instruments


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All articles from Sierra Instruments

  New Sierra Instruments’ Infographic Explains Advantage of Thermal Mass Flow Controllers for Industrial Applications

Sierra Instruments announces the release of a new infographic explaining why mass flow controllers based on capillary thermal mass flow technology provide exponentially more accurate mass flow data than volumetric flow devices for industrial gas mass flow control applications. 

smarttrak-10Over 80% of all industrial processes—such as those involving chemical reactions, combustion, respiration, pharmaceutical, and HVAC—require direct mass flow control and measurement of gasses, not volumetric flow rate, to ensure the quality and efficiency of their process....


  New Ultra-Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Controller SmartTrak® 140 Ultra-Low ΔP mass flow controllerSierra Instruments, a global leader in flow instrumentation, announces the release of their new SmartTrak® 140 Ultra-Low ΔP mass flow controller for high performance mass flow control applications where minimal pressure drop is a key consideration for cost savings and efficiency. The SmartTrak 140 controls gas mass flow up to 500 slpm (nlpm) with an ultra-low ΔP of 4.5 psid (310mBard), considerably lower than other mass flow controllers on the market that typically offer ΔP values of 25 psid (1700 mBard)...




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