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Dorton Analytical Ltd

Dorton Analytical Ltd

Dorton Analytical Ltd


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All articles from Dorton Analytical Ltd

  Touch Screen Infusion Syringe Pump Touch Screen Infusion Syringe PumpAvailable from Dorton Analytical - the Legato 100 Syringe Pump is a new single syringe infusion only pump with a touch screen interface.


  High Sensitivity GPC Triple Detector System for Polymer & Protein Characterisation The new SEC-3010 triple detector system from Dorton Analytical LtdThe new SEC-3010 triple detector system from Dorton Analytical Ltd. sets a new standard for high performance characterisation of polymers and proteins using Gel Permeation Chromatography / Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC).


  Innovative Components, Consumables & Instruments for HPLC, uHPLC and LC/MS Dorton Analytical has announced the availability of a new 140-page catalogue describing a broad range of reliable, high performance components, consumables and instruments for High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (uHPLC) and related separation techniques


  Syringe pump delivers full stroke for large syringes Available from Dorton Analytical - the new Legato 270 Syringe Pump has an optimised user configurable syringe mechanism designed to uniquely deliver a full volume in infuse and withdraw modes whether using small or large syringes.


  Simple, Reliable & Rapid Process Development Dorton Analytical Ltd has been appointed the UK agency rights to support and supply the Dynamic Extraction Ltd range of High Performance Countercurrent Chromatography instrumentation.


  Preparative-Scale Purification of Chemical and Biological Compounds Available from Dorton Analytical ( the OctaveTM Chromatography System is an automated chromatography platform designed for preparative-scale purification of chemical and biological compounds.


  Syringe Pumps Feature Touch Screen Interface Available from Dorton Analytical ( the new Legato 200 Series Syringe Pumps offers unparalleled ease of use through its high resolution colour touch screen user interface


  Universal HPLC Detector Offers near Nanogram Sensitivity Available from Dorton Analytical ( the ultra-sensitive, universal Nano Quantity Analyte Detector (NQADTM) presents a major advancement in high performance liquid chromatography detection capability.


  Specialist UK Distributor of Analytical & Life Science Instrumentation. Benefiting from over 25 years of experience in the analytical instrumentation and life science industry - Dorton Analytical Ltd - a new distribution company serving the UK scientific community was formed on the 1st September, 2009.



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