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  CILAS New Dual Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzer

CILAS NanoDSThe new Nano DS Dual Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzer from CILAS integrates a breakthrough technology that takes nanoparticle characterization to the next level.  The Nano DS is the first nanoparticle size analyzer to combine Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Static Light Scattering (SLS) in the same particle size instrument.  This ensures accurate particle size measurements across the entire measurement range, from 0.3 nm to 10 microns, and eliminates many of the shortcomings of instruments using only Dynamic Light Scattering...


  Dry particles analysis cilasParticle size analysis by laser diffraction in dry mode is a popular method in many applications. Most of commercial vibratory systems use only the vibration amplitude to modify the vibration level. CILAS has patented a new vibrating system to improve particle dispersion in dry mode. This new development is based on an electronic optimization...


  New Small Volume Unit for Cilas particle size analyzers cilasThe new CILAS Small Volume Unit (SVU) accessory is a perfect solution for all industries needing to measure the particle size of very small quantities of powders and colloids. Able to measure volumes from 45ml, the Small Volume Unit "New Generation" is available as an option for all Cilas particle size analyzers to make them benefit from an outstanding capacity to disperse particles...



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