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Crawford Scientific Ltd

Crawford Scientific Ltd

Crawford Scientific Ltd


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All articles from Crawford Scientific Ltd

  Crawford Scientific Announce New Training Calendar for 2012-2013

Crawford Scientific announce its new training calendar for 2012-2013 covering both classroom and practical based training

crawford scientificAt Crawford Scientific, distilled critical knowledge of chromatography and mass spectrometry applications and instrumentation into the range of exciting and interactive short courses is included. These courses are intended for practising analytical chemists who need a refresher, those who are new to analytical chemistry and require a solid grounding or for anyone who wishes gain an insight into important chromatographic and spectrometric techniques...


  Agilent Technologies Bond Elut Plexa Easy-to-use, new generation of polymeric SPE

Bond Elut PlexaThe PlexaTMfamily of amide-free, polymeric SPE products provide a generic, sample independent route to cleaner extracts. This simple approach means minimal method development saving you both time and cost. The tighter control of particle size distribution elimates small fines to prevent blockage meaning Bond Elut PlexaTM can be used even with the most complex matrices...


  Crawford Scientific Introduces a Unique, Hydrogen-Bonding Stationary Phase from SIELC Technologies SHARCTM- Specific Hydrogen-bond Adsorption Resolution Column

SHARC - Specific Hydrogen-bond Adsorption Resolution ColumnCrawford Scientific (Strathaven, Lanarkshire, UK) and SIELC Technologies (Prospect Heights, IL, USA) announce SHARC 1TM, the first commercially available column whose primary separation mode is hydrogen bonding. Using a combination of methanol and acetonitrile as the mobile phase this unique column technology enables the separation of molecules of similar structure such as isomers and related impurities...


  New Extended Range of Agilent Technologies Poroshell HPLC Column Phases available from Crawford Scientific Buy 3 Poroshell columns for the price of two through Crawford Scientific until the end of June

Poroshell columnsPoroshell columns containing Superficially Porous particles are unique in that they are manufactured using a single stage coacservation process to improve the reproducibility and ruggedness of the final particle. Offering extremely high efficiencies, Poroshell 120 columns are now available in a wide variety of chemistries to deliver the selectivity required alongside improved resolution and short run times...


  Free Capillary GC Tips and Tricks Seminars Free Capillary Gc Tips and Tricks Seminars Crawford Scientific, in conjunction with Agilent Technologies, are staging a series of seminars across the UK informing customers about a myriad of tips and tricks that will improve their productivity when operating Capillary GC systems.


  Varian Joins the Crawford family Varian Joins the Crawford familyCrawford Scientific is pleased to announce that from 1st November, they will be supplying the complete range of Varian Chromatography Consumables products via their purchase by Agilent Technologies. Crawford Scientific will then become the largest independent official supplier of Varian products in the UK resulting in a wider range of top quality well established products available for supply to their customer base thus expanding the ways in which they can support clients Chromatography... every step of the way.


  New Literature With HPLC Columns Specifically for Biochromatography from Crawford Scientific Crawford Scientific is pleased to announce the availability of the new Agilent BioHPLC Catalogue which features overviews of the Agilent HPLC columns especially aimed at the life sciences market. It is a required piece of literature for researchers active in this field.


  Crawford Scientific Offer Method Development and Improvement Challenge A unique new method development service using HPLC columns at the cutting edge of current technology is being offered by Crawford Scientific to customers within the UK.


  Crawford Scientific - High Value HPLC Columns with World Beating Performance Crawford Scientific offer the OPTIMAL range of HPLC columns as a high value replacement for other leading column brands. In recent studies, these columns showed chromatographic characteristics to match or better several leading brands with even better robustness – providing very good value for money for our customers.


  Crawford Scientific Announce New Dates for Off-Site Training Courses A comprehensive and wide-ranging series of laboratory and classroom based training events for analytical chemists in 8 UK locations have been announced by Crawford Scientific for 2009-10.


  Crawford Scientific Analytical Services announce new ICP-MS testing facility. ICP-MS is both a rapid and sensitive technique for measuring the elemental composition of solutions. More than seventy five elements can be determined, most of them at detection levels of 1ppb,



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