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  New article by Spinnovation Biologics’ CEO Frederic Girard details NMR for QbD biologics development

Frederic Girard, CEO of Spinnovation Biologics, has authored a new article detailing the benefits of novel Spedia-NMRâ„¢ and NMR technology for Quality by Design (QbD) process development within biologics production.

Cell culture - NMR for QbD biologics developmentEntitled ‘Fingerprinting Culture Media’, the article was published in January 2014’s edition of European Biopharmaceutical Review and is now available for download online. The QbD initiative is rapidly being adopted throughout the conventional and bio-pharmaceutical industry to ensure product quality and consistency within manufacture. Exploring the background of the growing QbD movement within biotechnology....


  Spinnovation transfer its entire operation to Pivot Park to support the growth of its activities

Spinnovation Analytical BV has today announced the transfer of its entire operations to Pivot Park in Oss

Spinnovations expanded facility

Specialist analytical services provider Spinnovation Analytical BV has today announced the transfer of its entire operations to Pivot Park in Oss, the Netherlands. Since 2013, Spinnovation has collaborated with Pivot Park by supplying analytical services to life science companies based on the site. The new location has enabled Spinnovation to double the size of its facilities, to support the growth of its business. Furthermore, this new location will facilitate the development of GMP compliant services and expand Spinnovation’s analytical capabilities...


  Spinnovation Biologics introduces new Elemental and Trace Metals Analysis for Cell Culture Media

Spinnovation Biologics introduces new Elemental and Trace Metals Analysis for Cell Culture Media

Petri DishTo offer a more complete analysis platform for cell culture, Spinnovation introduces new Elemental Analysis for cell culture media and raw materials. Elemental Analysis uses Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) to test samples for up to 30 elements and trace metals, at levels as low as parts per billion (ppb). With this service Spinnovation enables customers to characterize raw materials and monitor the elements critical to cells, for maximum cell culture production yield and optimal performance...


  SPINNOVATION: CEO Frederic Girard joins fellow industry experts for a QbD round table

A new article detailing a round table discussion on quality by design (QbD) authored by leading industry experts including Spinnovation  Biologics CEO Frederic Girard is now available online.

Cell Culture Performance Prediction

Entitled ‘QbD and PAT in Upstream and Downstream Processing’, the article details the fundamental principles of QbD, how it is used to improve process control, and the impact technological advances have made on QbD biopharmaceutical upstream process optimization. Originally published in the July addition of Biopharm International the full article is now available to read...


  Pivot Park and Spinnovation Analytical join forces to provide analytical solutions at Pivot Park Life Sciences Community, Oss

Spinnovation Analytical B.V. and Pivot Park have entered into an agreement where Spinnovation will supply analytical services at the newly established life sciences park, while gaining access to Pivot Park’s advanced analytical platform.

Pivot Park SpectrometerPivot Park, located on the former Organon/Schering Plough/MSD research site in Oss, the Netherlands, is a centre for open-innovation, where facilities, instruments and knowledge are made available to the pharmaceutical and biotech companies based on the site. Spinnovation will further support the park’s research and productivity with its portfolio of analytical services specifically designed to address both the needs of the small-molecule pharmaceutical and the biopharmaceutical industries. The agreement will allow Spinnovation to expand and complement its extensive technology platform, thanks to exclusive access to several high-end analytical instruments....


  Spinnovation Biologics Predicts Biomanufacturing Success Spinnovation BiologicsWith expertise and know-how in high-end analysis for biologics, Spinnovation Biologics today announces the launch of a breakthrough solution - Spedia-PredictTM - for Bioprocess performance troubleshooting and performance prediction of bioproduction, at the annual Bioprocess International European meeting. Spedia-PredictTM monitors and validates process-critical parameters as a company looks to manage the culture media consistency used in their production environment...


  Spinnovation Biologics Beats Targets Spinnovation BiologicsEchoing a trend in the growth of biologics and biosimilars market, technology provider Spinnovation Biologics has tripled its client base over the past twelve months. This growth has come from within biotech and pharma industries focused on the research, development and manufacture of biologics products, and has led to an increased demand for the company's Spedia-NMRTM spent media service. The success has allowed the company to expand into the US bioprocess and biologics markets, with its first permanent business development presence in Pennsylvania.


  Spinnovation expands into the US spinnovationSpinnovation announces that it further anchors its presence in the US market through the collaboration with Quantum Tessera in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. This exciting extension to the business came after the Company trebled the number of clients in the biotech and pharma markets last year. Internationally renowned specialist in the field of biologics, Dr Edward Zartler from Quantum Tessera, will be working with Spinnovation to develop biologic and biosimilar characterisation markets in the US...


  Spinnovation Biologics Spedia-NMR Gains Momentum in Client Adoption Spinnovation BiologicsIncreasing demand for Spedia-NMRTM technology from Spinnovation Biologics is expected to continue. This analytical service proves its value in providing fast, fine-tuning of cell culture feeding strategy, delivering improved cell viability and higher product yield. Unique to Spinnovation Biologics - the new division of Spinnovation Analytical BV (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) - Spedia-NMRTM has shown itself to be faster and more reproducible than liquid chromatography (LC)-based methods for cell culture media analysis...


  Spinnovation Introduces an Approach to Improve Biologicals Manufacturing Processes at BioProduction Conference Spinnovation BiologicsAddressing the issue of improving methods for optimizing the bioprocessing of biologics, Dr Frederic Girard, CEO of NMR services specialist Spinnovation, will present a talk at ‘BioProduction' in Berlin, Germany, on 19-20 October...


  Spinnovation Biologics Offers Service Choices To Meet individual Analysis Needs For Bioprocess Optimization Spinnovation BiologicsAs demand increases for better ways to develop, control and manufacture biologics and biosimilars, Spinnovation Biologics has developed three different options for accessing its services for biologics production: Pay per Sample, Contract Analysis and Custom Services. All are designed to provide clients with the most efficient and appropriate access to Spinnovation Biologics' fast (from 5 working days), detailed and cost-effective bioanalysis services, according to their own specific requirements...


  Spedia-NMR: Breakthrough in Bioprocess Optimization For Biologicals spinnovationFor new biologicals and biosimilars, the innovative Spedia-NMRTM technology from Spinnovation Biologics provides a real advantage for optimizing cell cultures, monitoring and standardizing manufacturing processes in preparation for larger scale production. Within the past four months, this has been validated by 37 companies developing biologics or delivering services to this industry...




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