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All articles from Wealtec Europe

  SpectroArt 252 Spectrophotometer Wealtec SpectroART 252Wealtec and Wealtec Europe are pleased to announce the new SpectroArt 252 Spectrophotometer. This new model replaces the very successful SpectroArt 200 model and is the ideal spectrophotometer for everyday bio-laboratory needs. The new 252 is equipped with a high throughput Xenon flash light source providing a wide range scanning wavelength from 200 to 800 nm with a high resolution narrow spectral bandwidth (3 nm)...


  GDS-80 Gene Delivery System GDS-80 Gene Delivery SystemGenomic research into plant cells is widespread. Researchers often need to transfer genes into plants and have a range of options they can use. The biolistic particle delivery method or gene gun is one such option where bio-particles are accelerated to a sufficient velocity to penetrate target cells...


  Wealtec Europe facility opens in Cambridge wealtecThe new Wealtec Europe facility opens in Cambridge. You can now find a wide range of the well-known Wealtec products available from one location in Europe...



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