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SGE Analytical Science

SGE Analytical Science

SGE Analytical Science


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All articles from SGE Analytical Science

  Kinesis Extends Partnership with Trajan for SGE Distribution in the US

Kinesis and Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) are pleased to announce Kinesis as an approved distribution partner for the SGE Analytical Science (SGE) range of Chromatography Consumables in the US.

kinesisSGE is a Trajan brand, established in 1960 and integrated into Trajan in 2013. The SGE brand is well known for its diamond syringe quality and is the global market leader in niche areas such as autosampler syringes and GC inlet liners. Trajan’s focus is on developing and commercializing technologies that enable analytical systems to be more selective, sensitive and specific for biological, environmental or food related measurements especially...


  Trajan joins BioMelbourne Network

Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) is now a member of BioMelbourne Network.

Trajan Scientific LogoAs a group of companies with headquarters in Melbourne, Trajan is looking forward to strengthening connections with local scientific organisations, business leaders and government. Stephen Tomisich, Trajan’s Chief Executive Officer said, “We hope our membership helps us to engage with other members to support and contribute to the success of the Australian scientific industry, in particular biotechnology in Victoria....


  Trajan and University of Tasmania Succeeds with ARC Application for $2.1 M from Australian Government

Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) is pleased to announce that the Australian Research Council (ARC) has selected the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and Trajan’s proposal to create an ARC Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation Technologies.

Trajan Scientific LogoThe program will see the Australian Government committing more than A$2.1 million funding from 2014 over three years, to establish and provide ongoing support to the Training Centre. The partnership of Trajan and UTAS combines industry knowledge and research to innovate in product design, development and manufacturing techniques. The ARC’s Industrial Transformation Training Centres Scheme aims to foster close partnerships between universitybased researchers....


  Do you know how to select the right GC inlet liner for your analysis? SGE inlet liner rangeChoosing the right inlet liner and injection parameter can increase peak areas and reduce detection limits by up to 300 %. The enhanced SGE inlet liner range aims to make it simple for all gas chromatographers to select the right liner with color coding of inlet liners by geometry.  SGE has also developed a liner selection tool to help you select the right inlet liner for your instrument, injection and sample.   The tool includes a handy Vapor Volume Calculator that checks if you are injecting too much for a particular liner.  It can help you avoid the ghost peaks, injector contamination, and quantitation errors associated with flashback...


  Simplify Connections in Your GC GC Connections CoverSGE Analytical Science has introduced a range of GC connections that offer these advantages over other connectors, press-fits, splitters and ferrules:
  • Chemically inert
  • Superb operational stability 
  • Low dead volume 
  • Easy to install and leak free


  Trial eVol, the world eVol Free Trial ImageeVol®, the world's first digital analytical syringe and 2010 R&D100 award winner, speeds up and simplifies laboratory workflows.  eVol is highly accurate (better than 0.5 % RSD), programmable to suit your laboratory's needs and applications, suitable for use with volatile samples and can inject through septa.  eVol can be auto calibrated by the operator to meet laboratory quality standards...


  New Biodiesel Analysis GC Column Range and Toolkit Biodiesel Analysis GC Column Range and ToolkitSGE Analytical Science has launched a new range of BPX-BIOD GC Columns for Biodiesel Analysis. In the 50 plus years SGE has been manufacturing GC capillary columns from end to end, the company has built a reputation of creating specialty columns that are unparalleled in achieving specific application separations. The BPX-BIOD GC columns follow this successful GC heritage. All ASTM International and European National (EN) biodiesel methods have been evaluated to demonstrate the suitability of BPX-BIOD GC columns to achieve optimal separation...


  The Laboratory ReVolution Continues SGEThe world's first digital analytical syringe and 2010 R&D100 award winner, eVol®, continues to revolutionize laboratory liquid handling with brand new features available from June 2011. The new eVol® 2011 firmware includes these features incorporated as a result of user feedback...


  There SGE Evol the world’s first automated analytical syringe eVol®, the world's first automated analytical syringe and 2010 R&D100 Award winner from SGE Analytical Science, is revolutionizing the way laboratories work and the pace they work. eVol® is being used instead of manual analytical syringes to Speed up and simplify laboratory workflow, Improve accuracy and reproducibility and Standardize results independent of operator skill...



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