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Astra Biotech GmbH

Astra Biotech GmbH

Astra Biotech GmbH


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All articles from Astra Biotech GmbH

  High specificity tests for important infectious diseases Astra BiotechAstra Biotech GmbH is preparing to launch a range of test kits for the diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases with the potential for significant pathogenesis. Based on the ELISA principle and characterised by high specificity, these kits detect the presence of IgG antibodies to Herpes simplex virus (HSV), Toxoplasma gondii, Hepatitis B virus and HIV. Additionally, IgG avidity is determined using an Astra Biotech Toxoplasma Test Kit...


  New microarray-on-a-chip test for cystic fibrosis cystic fibrosisAstra Biotech GmbH is in the pre-launch phase of its newly developed test, based on microarray technology, for rapid simultaneous detection of 25 of the most common mutations causing cystic fibrosis in pan-European populations. This initiative supports Astra Biotech's aim of facilitating early diagnosis of individuals' risk factors through innovative assays. In this way long-term effects of a disease can be minimised and patient healthcare standards can be improved...


  Test kit identifies genetic risk of thrombosis Test kit identifies genetic risk of thrombosisAstra Biotech GmbH announces a new genetic test kit which identifies hereditary thrombophilia - a significant risk factor in the development of potentially life-threatening deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. In line with the company's aim of facilitating disease prevention and improving quality of life, the Astra Thrombosis kit detects three common mutations which disrupt the blood coagulation mechanism...


  Genetic Testing Prevents Disease Genetic Testing Prevents DiseaseAstra Biotech's philosophy is that it is far better to be able to prevent a disease or to treat it with a view to reducing its effects rather than to start treatment when the disease has already progressed considerably. The company have developed genetic tests to identify predisposition to major diseases such as osteoporosis and thrombosis so that early treatment will minimise the associated risks with these major disorders which affect a high percentage of the world's population.


  JUST DO IT diagnostic assaysAstra Biotech GmbH, Berlin, Germany is inviting new customers to evaluate their comprehensive range of diagnostic assays as a test of their quality and value for money. The concept is that customers may trial a specific test kit to ensure it is suitable for their application before adopting the test on a more formal basis. All that is required is feedback at the end of the trial to help understand how the assays performed during the evaluation.


  New Osteoporosis Assay From Astra Biotech Gmbh NEW OSTEOPOROSIS ASSAY FROM ASTRA BIOTECH GmbHOsteoporosis affects over 75 million people worldwide and in a single year there are more than 9 million instances of osteoporotic fractures making it the fourth most significant non-infectious disease after cardiovascular disorders, cancer and diabetes. It is now known that Osteoporosis and the subsequent risk of fracture is under genetic control (The Genomos Study) with the genes of Collagen type 1 (COLIA1) and the vitamin D receptor (VDR) being of significant importance in this process


  New Diagnostics Company from Berlin Astra Biotech Astra Biotech GmbH, Berlin, Germany is a new company whose core focus is the development of innovative diagnostics for the identification of an individual's predisposition to disease. With this in mind, Astra Biotech GmbH have produced a significant portfolio of assays in areas such as allergies, genetically associated disorders, hormonal dysfunctions, and others



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