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Arrayjet Limited

Arrayjet Limited

Arrayjet Limited


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All articles from Arrayjet Limited

  Arrayjet announces collaboration with Chemspace to augment its small molecule microarray services for drug discovery

Streamlined small molecule microarray services to meet growing demand for novel hit-identification methodologies. Arrayjet, a leading provider of inkjet liquid-handling solutions, has announced that it has partnered with Chemspace, the largest online catalogue of small molecules and biologics, to augment and streamline the Company’s small molecule microarray (SMM) service offering. Chemspace’s curated and deeply annotated compound libraries are now accessible through Arrayjet’s SMM CRO/CMO services...


  Arrayjet introduces Mercury range of next-generation microarray printers

Arrayjet, a leading provider of inkjet liquid-handling solutions, has introduced Mercury, a new core range of five instruments for ultra-low-volume liquid dispensing. The new print dispensers offer radically improved functionality and reliability, with further enhanced speed and precision. Available in a range of output capacities from 25 to 1000 slides, Mercury instruments can be used for a wide range of microarray and microfluidics applications within pharmaceutical, diagnostic and life science workflows...



Arrayjet, the Scottish-based microarray instrumentation company, has secured a GBP250,000 contract to provide the Swedish SciLifeLab - the national hub for molecular bioscience in Sweden - with microarray technology to provide further analytical information for mapping the human protein atlas. SciLifeLab is a national hub for molecular biosciences in Sweden, created by four universities in Stockholm and Uppsala: Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University...


  Arrayjet launches custom microarray services arrayjetArrayjet today announced that the company has launched its custom microarray services offering. Arrayjet entered the microarray market in 2005, when it launched the first of its suite of four microarrayers based on the company's unique non-contact technology. Since then, the company has sold over forty instruments worldwide, to customers working in such prestigious organisations as The Roslin Institute, The Medical Research Council of Great Britain, EMBL, Cornell University, Millipore, Novartis and CalTech.


  KTH Royal Institute of Technology Opts for Arrayjet Inkjet Microarrayer Platform Arrayjet logoArrayjet today announced that the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, has chosen its Marathon Inkjet Microarrayer for its Protein Array Technologies Group. Headed by Dr Peter Nilsson, the group, which will also serve as an Arrayjet reference site, is based in the Department of Proteomics and forms part of the Human Protein Atlas project led by Professor Mathias Uhlén.



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