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Scie-Plas Ltd

Scie-Plas Ltd

Scie-Plas Ltd


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All articles from Scie-Plas Ltd

  NEW Mini Orbital Shaker Scie-Plas CM250 Mini Orbital ShakerThe NEW Scie-Plas CM250 Mini Orbital Shaker with adjustable speed is a compact and quiet instrument. The Digital LED display and easy programming sequence make setting speed and time simple; the timer can be set from 0 to 99.59 hours or for continuous operation...


  NEW Mini Centrifuge Ideal for Micro Samples Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge The Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge includes three rotors, a 6 place x 1.5ml rotor, a PCR Strip rotor and a 1" x 3" slide rotor. In addition, 2 adapters are included for 0.5 to 0.65ml and 0.4 ml.


  Scie-Plas puts a new spin on mini centrifuges The Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge Scie-Plas launches the company's first mini centrifuge - a compact, economical model which comes with three different rotors for use in a wide range of bioscience research applications.



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