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Biohit Oyj

Biohit Oyj

Biohit Oyj


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All articles from Biohit Oyj

  Sartorius Concludes Agreement to Acquire the Liquid Handling Business of the Finnish Laboratory Supplier Biohit sartoriusSartorius , a leading international process and laboratory technology provider, today signed an agreement to acquire the liquid handling business of the Finnish laboratory supplier Biohit Oyj. With its liquid handling segment, Biohit is one of the global market leaders for mechanical and electronic pipettes, as well as for the associated consumables...


  NEW Biohit eLINE Pipette Biohit eLINE PipetteBiohit Inc. has introduced a NEW eLINE Pipette with a range from 0.1 µl to 5 µl and Super Pipetting feature...


  Biohit Launches New Electronic Pipette for Precise Dispensing in Small Volumes Biohit eLINE 0.1 – 5 µlBiotechnology company Biohit has developed a new electronic pipette especially suitable for dispensing small volumes of liquid. Thanks to the patented technology of the pipette, the liquid is dispensed from the pipette tip very rapidly, which ensures that the tip is completely emptied. Thus there will not be the usual drop of liquid left at the tip and no need to touch the receiving vessel wall during pipetting. As a result, the handling of the liquid is contamination free, more precise and faster than with other pipettes...


  Get a FREE Charging Stand for Your eLINE Pipette Biohit eLINE Pipette For a limited time (until September 30, 2011) when purchasing any single or multichannel eLINE pipette, the purchaser will receive a FREE Charging Stand. When purchasing two or more pipettes the purchaser will receive a FREE Charging Carousel.


  NEW Optifit Single Refill Packs Biohit Optifit Pipette TipsBiohit's precision-made Optifit Pipette Tips are made to provide excellent reproducibility and accuracy. They fit perfectly with Biohit pipettes and are suitable for use with most other pipette brands. As part of the Optifit Pipette Tip family, Biohit has now launched NEW Single Refill Packs, ranging from 10 µl to 1200 µl...


  New Desktop Liquid Handling Instrument from Biohit Biohit RobolineMore efficient R&D and production processes are leading to increased liquid handling automation in many laboratories. Industrial laboratories in particular are seeking to move away from handheld pipettes towards computer-controlled analysis systems and liquid handling equipment that makes use of robotics...


  ISO 8 Cleanroom Certification for Biohit Tip Production! Biohit SafteySpaceBiohit's tip production received ISO 14644 class 8 cleanroom certification during 2010 as one of few tip manufacturers. Tip purity and safety in your laboratory work have always had a top priority in Biohit's tip production. We have followed strict purity procedures in the tip production for years and have now received an official recognition for our work: the ISO 8 cleanroom classification


  New Liquid Handling Catalogue Available Biohit Liquid Handling Catalogue 2009 is now available!



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