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CDS Analytical Inc

CDS Analytical Inc

CDS Analytical Inc


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All articles from CDS Analytical Inc

  Mini-Reactor System - High Pressure Pyrolysis with Catalyst Reactor
CDS pyrolysis reactor systemCDS has introduced the first and only mini high-pressure pyrolysis reactor system. Scientists studying new biomass feed stock, coal, oil, or polymer reactions need to understand how these materials break down in a reactor at varying conditions with catalysts. The high-pressure pyrolyzer allows them to study both high temperature & pressure on a small scale while passing the pyrolyzed gas through a catalyst bed. This system will offer the scientist and chemical engineer a time and money saving instrument by increasing their understanding of reaction chemistry before undergoing the expense of a large laboratory or pilot reactor. In addition, the background gas can be GC carrier gas or a reactant gas such as air, hydrogen, or oxygen...


  Bioplastics Research Aided by CDS Analytical Pyrolyzers BioBag One of the newest, and most promising, developments in polymer science is the emergence of bioplastics. Bioplastics are polymers made completely, or at least partially, from renewable resources like cellulose, starch, and algae. It is widely believed that increasing acceptance of bioplastics will help slow the pace of climate degradation by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The market for bioplastics is accelerating rapidly and industry experts believe it could reach $3 billion by 2018...




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