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GATC Biotech AG

GATC Biotech AG

GATC Biotech AG


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All articles from GATC Biotech AG

  GATC Biotech to be First European Service Provider for the PacBio RS GATC Biotech announced today that it has agreed to purchase the PacBio RS platform, a single molecule, real-time (SMRT) sequencing technology. The new PacBio RS will be the fifth sequencing technology for GATC Biotech. The system is planned for installation in early 2011.


  GATC Biotech Sequences Pediatric Brain Tumors for the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) GATC Biotech to sequence samples from brain tumors in children for the world's largest cancer research project. The aim of the German PedBrainTumor Consortium within the ICGC is to develop innovative diagnostic methods and treatments in order to be able to provide children with therapies which have fewer side effects in future.


  GATC Subsidiary Lifecodexx AG Develops Tests for Prenatal Diagnostics LifeCodexx AG ( ) has started operational research and development work on clinically validated diagnostic tests by using Next Generation Sequencing technologies. The work currently focuses on the field of prenatal diagnostics. LifeCodexx will utilize GATC Biotech's 20 years of experience as well as its sequencing laboratory, which is the European leader with a total capacity of more than 2 terabases per year.



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