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All articles from Lab M Ltd

  Lab M Now Offers Full Range of European Pharmacopoeia Media

Lab M has enhanced its pharmacopoeia range to ensure that all media listed in the European Pharmacopoeia 8.0 volume 1 (2014) are now available in its portfolio.

Lab MLab M offers all 17 dehydrated culture media products referenced in the European Pharmacopoeia (EP), and each of the 17 has been formulated to and performance tested by the requirements specified within the pharmacopoeia. The use of Lab M's products enables laboratories to comply to the EP standard, which is harmonised with the equivalent chapters of the United States (USP) and Japanese (JP) pharmacopoeias...


  Albion Ventures and Maven Capital Partners Sell Joint Investment in Lab M Holdings to US Food Safety Company Neogen Corp

Maven Capital Partners (“Maven”) and Albion Ventures LLP (“Albion”), two of the largest independent venture capital investors in the UK, today jointly announce the successful sale of their investment in Lab M Holdings, a developer, manufacturer and supplier of microbiological culture media and diagnostic systems, to Neogen Corporation.

Lab MLancashire-based Lab M is a leading provider of microbial testing and diagnostic products servicing the global food, water, industrial and clinical testing markets.  Employing some 35 staff at its accredited facility in Heywood, Greater Manchester, the company’s widerange of dehydrated culture media is routinely used in microbiology laboratories around the world for food industry testing.  The original Lab M investment was made by Quester VCT Plc and...


  Launch of Captivate O91 Strengthens Lab M

Microbiology specialist Lab M has launched Captivate™ O91, the newest addition to the company’s Captivate™ range of immunomagnetic separation (IMS) products for the isolation of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) strains associated with life threatening foodborne infection.

Lab M’s Captivate™ O91, the new immunomagnetic separationCaptivate™ O91 comprises magnetic particles coated with specific antibody designed for the isolation of Escherichia coli O91 from food samples. The highly selective Captivate™ O91 separates E. coli O91 from background flora in a sample, ensuring that only organisms having O91antigens are captured. IMS is a well recognised technique used to help separate the target organism from background flora and complex matrices. IMS increases the sensitivity of...


  Lab M

Microbiology specialist Lab M has been following the Food Standards Agency’s year-long survey of campylobacter in fresh chickens sold in the UK.

Campylobacter Blood-Free SelectiveCampylobacter is the UK’s leading cause of food poisoning  and the survey results published on 28 May 2015 ( ) show that 73% of chickens tested positive for the presence of campylobacter, with one in five (19%) testing positive within the highest band of contamination . “As a company we work closely with microbiologists in the...


  Full range of Lab M Media for Detection and Isolation of Listeria Shown Together for the First Time

Following the recent addition of a number of products to the Lab M Listeria testing portfolio, the whole range can now be viewed in a single flyer, available on the Lab M website.

listeriosisThe document, ‘Listeria solutions… whatever your method’, clearly shows that whichever testing method users subscribe to, whatever the lab size, and whether they prefer dehydrated culture media (DCM) or a pre-prepared approach, Lab M has products to suit. Over the last year, Lab M has translated its expertise in developing and manufacturing DCM into a number of convenience products to suit the varying needs of customers, including...


  Convenience and ISO Formulation are Key to Lab M

Lab M is seeing demand grow quickly for the company’s recently launched µPrep™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC), a complete primary enrichment broth designed for use in the isolation of Listeria spp. from foodstuffs.

LABM JOB 517_Image copyMedia in Lab M’s µPrep™ range are supplied ready-to-reconstitute in 20 litre bags. They are designed primarily for high throughput laboratories where speed, convenience, reliability and cost-effectiveness are high priorities. “Since we launched µPrep™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC) in July 2014, customers have been very clear that simple reconstitution with no mess and no autoclaving is a significant factor in their choice of media format...


  Lab M extends ready-to-reconstitute media range with launch of

Lab M has launched µPrep™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC), the latest addition to the company’s µPrep range of convenient, ready-to-reconstitute microbiological culture media. 

LABMDesigned for use in the isolation of Listeria spp. from foodstuffs, this complete primary enrichment broth is supplied sterile in a highly robust bag, which simply requires the addition of water.  There is no mess and no autoclaving is required, ensuring the speedy preparation of 20 litres of complete Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC). The medium is based on the formulation of ISO 11290 and meets the performance requirements of ISO/TS 11133.....


  Lab M extends prepared media offering with launch of Pinnacle pre-poured plates

In a move that marks a significant extension to its range of ready prepared microbiological culture media, Lab M has launched the Pinnacle™ brand, a new line of pre-poured plates.

PinnaclePinnacle™ brings together Lab M’s extensive experience and expertise in the development, manufacture and supply of dehydrated culture media (DCM) and the expanded plate pouring capabilities at the company’s new UK headquarters. The result is a unique combination of proven, high quality DCM prepared as ready-to-use plates by the manufacturer, under a stringent quality management system in a GMP environment.


  Lab M

Microbiology company Lab M has made its comprehensive Product Guide available as a digital flip book or a pdf download, as well as offering printed versions for those who prefer to access a hard copy in the laboratory.

Lab M Product Guide 2014

The latest additions to Lab M’s portfolio are featured in the guide. These include the new µPREP™ Buffered Peptone Water (ISO), the first in a line of bagged, sterile dehydrated culture media that are made ready to use simply by adding water. Designed for high throughput laboratories where speed, convenience and cost-effectiveness are paramount, and where storage space is at a premium, µPREP™ media are reconstituted and ready for use in minutes....


  First time exhibitor Lab M shows latest microbiology product introductions at Arab Health 2014

Microbiology specialist Lab M is exhibiting for the first time at this year’s Arab Health exhibition and congress.

Lab M’s new µPREP™The company will take this opportunity to introduce visitors to its comprehensive portfolio of dehydrated culture media (DCM) as well as the recently launched µPREP™ line of ready-to-reconstitute bagged media  and an extended range of Captivate™ immunomagnetic separation products.“Demand for Lab M products, especially our DCM products that are used both by those working in labs and by commercial plate pourers, continues to grow in the countries that the Arab Health event serves and we are looking to extend our representation in the region....


  Lab M

Lab M has launched Listeria Express Enrichment (LEE) Broth, a new addition to the company’s extensive range of media for the detection and isolation of Listeria.  

Lab M’s new selective Listeria Express Enrichment broth also enhances expression of target antigens for downstream testing

Developed to give improved growth rates of Listeria over traditional selective enrichment media, LEE Broth enhances the expression of target antigens for most commercially available immunological test methods whilst maintaining suppression of non-target organisms. Key to both the efficacy and convenience of Lab M’s LEE Broth is the blending of selective components directly into the medium, eliminating any need for supplementation....


  Lab M

Microbiology specialist Lab M has added a new product to its range of dehydrated culture media for the detection of anaerobic organisms associated with sulphide spoilage in food.

Using a modification of a formulation originally developed by the National Canners Association of America, Lab M’s new Iron Sulphite Agar is able to detect those organisms associated with sulphide spoilage of low acid canned foods, such as meats, milk and vegetables. This type of spoilage is associated with anaerobic sulphide-reducing spore forming bacteria such as the themophilic Desulfotomaculum nigrificans and also the mesophilic Clostridium sporogenes. Lab M’s Iron Sulphite Agar is a versatile medium that can be used with the standard industry methodologies - Deep-Shake Culture or Attenborough and Scarr membrane filter methods and can be incubated at temperatures suitable for the detection of thermophiles or mesophiles...


  Lab M

Lab M has launched Listeria Express Enrichment (LEE) Broth, a new addition to the company’s extensive range of media for the detection and isolation of Listeria

Lab M’s new selective Listeria Express Enrichment broth also enhances expression of target antigens for downstream testingDeveloped to give improved growth rates of Listeria over traditional selective enrichment media, LEE Broth enhances the expression of target antigens for most commercially available immunological test methods whilst maintaining suppression of non-target organisms.


  Lab M appoints Director of Sales & Marketing as new products fuel increased sales

Microbiology company Lab M has appointed Wendy Martindale as Director of Sales & Marketing. Wendy joins Lab M from one of Europe’s largest laboratory services companies. She is a scientist by training who has a broad range of commercial experience in scientific and laboratory markets.

Wendy MartindaleWelcoming Wendy Martindale, Lab M’s Managing Director Ian Morris said, “Lab M’s move last year into large, new commercial and manufacturing headquarters enabled us to fine-tune and extend our operations and to add new products and product formats to our range.....


  Lab M will introduce IMS range extension at Lab Innovations to meet emerging requirements for E. coli testing in food

At Lab Innovations 2013 (6-7 Nov 2013, Birmingham UK), Lab M will discuss the further extension of its Captivate™ range of Immunomagnetic Separation products for the isolation of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) strains associated with foodborne infection.

CaptivateCaptivate™ O45 is in the final stages of testing ahead of launch early in 2014 and will take the number of E. coli products in the Captivate™ range to eight. The range already covers most of the requirements in pending European regulation and, with the addition of Captivate™ O45, will fully meet the ‘Big Six’ testing requirements for meat products in the USA....

Visit Lab M on stand number D4


  New Captivate O121 extends Lab M immunomagnetic separation range for Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli

Lab M has extended its immunomagnetic separation range with the launch of  Captivate™ O121. 

Lab M Captivate 0121

This is for the detection and isolation of Escherichia coli O121, a non-O157 Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) that is associated with foodborne infection and is one of the ‘big six’ organisms in meat products for which testing is required in the USA. Although the most common serogroups of STEC in Europe and the USA are E. coli O157 or O26, the incidence of other serotypes is increasing. The six major non-O157 STECs identified in the USA are O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 and O145...


  Lab M to exhibit at Campden BRI

Microbiology media specialist Lab M is pleased once again to be supporting the ‘Rapid Microbiological Methods’ seminar at Campden BRI in the UK, which takes place this year on 7 June 2013.

Captivate™ IMSLab M is a long-established supplier to the food industry and is expert in the development and production of ISO compliant media in convenient formats that are specifically designed to meet food testing requirements. As well as exhibiting from the Lab M product range, experts from the company’s team will be on hand to discuss the application of techniques that speed up the isolation and identification of micro-organisms....


  New UK Key Account Managers for Lab M

Microbiology company Lab M is expanding its UK sales team with the addition of two highly experienced personnel.

Sue Macauley-Patrick and David Matthews Sue Macauley-Patrick and David Matthews both join the company as Key Account Managers for the UK. They will be dedicated to supporting Lab M’s sustained growth in its home market as the company continues to expand both here and in export markets around the world....


  Lab M adds extensive water industry experience to senior team

Microbiology company Lab M is a longstanding supplier of culture media for water testing, and has further strengthened its capabilities with the recent appointment of Operations Manager Tim Down, a microbiologist who has worked in the water industry for many years

Lab M R2A Medium for heterotrophic bacteria in waterNow responsible for all the operational aspects of Lab M’s business at the company’s headquarters in Heywood, Greater Manchester, UK, Tim brings both laboratory and operations management experience gained in a variety of commercial environments, but has spent much of his career in water and environmental sectors. Lab M’s water testing portfolio includes culture media that range from products for the estimation of overall numbers of culturable micro-organisms, right through to the highly sensitive detection of faecal contamination and the specific isolation of Legionella pneumophila in storage tanks and cooling systems...


  Validation made easy as Lab M

With the introduction of its new Alkaline Saline Peptone Water (ISO), microbiology company Lab M now provides a complete media offering for the enrichment and detection of Vibrio spp. from food and water samples

Lab M’s new Alkaline Saline Peptone Water (ISO)Naturally present in warm coastal waters, Vibrio spp. can contaminate seafood, with the consumption of raw or undercooked shellfish, such as oysters, posing particular problems as potential sources of illness. Intended for the selective enrichment of Vibrio spp., Lab M’s new Alkaline Saline Peptone Water (ISO) is defined in the international standard ISO 21872:2007 - Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs...


  Lab M shows off new capabilities at Medica 2012

At Medica 2012, senior teams from Lab M will be on hand to introduce visitors to the new capabilities and products made possible by the company’s recent move to its new headquarters and advanced manufacturing facility in Greater Manchester, UK

Lab M shows off new R&D and manufacturing facilities“Medica is the first international trade show we’ve attended since opening our new premises in June this year, so is especially significant for us,” said Managing Director Ian Morris. “Our new facility represents the most significant investment in Lab M’s long history and we’re really looking forward to telling the world more about Lab M’s new capabilities and future plans...


  Lab M adds six new distribution partners to growing network around the world

In line with product and market expansion plans signalled during the recent move to new, larger headquarters, microbiology company Lab M has added  a further six distribution partners to its global network

LAB MThese appointments enable the delivery of increasingly localised support to users of Lab M culture media and associated products in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East...


  Lab M quickly exploits new manufacturing facility to diversify product range Microbiology company Lab M is already taking advantage of the additional manufacturing capability created by its  move in June this year to new headquarters  in Heywood, Greater Manchester,UK.  

Lab M has extended its manufacturing capabilities with the move to new HQAs part of the tightly specified fit-out of the premises, a key requirement was the installation of a state-of-the-art, self-contained clean manufacturing suite. This high-level facility is already enabling  the company to produce a wider range of culture media, supplements and microbiology products whose  manufacture demands the most stringently controlled  environment...


  Lab M completes move to new HQ After almost a year of highly detailed planning, preparation and fitting out, on 18 June 2012 microbiology company Lab M moved into the company's new global headquarters - ahead of time and on plan! 

Lab M’s  Managing Director Ian Morris (left) and Chairman Colin Goodwille (right) At a meeting to welcome the Lab M teams to their new home in Heywood, Greater Manchester, UK, Chairman Colin Goodwille paid tribute to everyone for their roles in achieving the move with minimum disruption. "I'd especially like to thank Ian Morris, who joined Lab M as Managing Director part way through the design and fitting out process," said Mr Goodwille. "Ian  masterminded many of the critical stages and has ensured that we have stayed firmly on track."...


  New HQ for Lab M heralds exciting phase in company Lab M's move into new global headquarters, in June 2012, represents the most significant investment in the microbiology company's more than 40-year history. It follows a period of sustained growth and heralds a new phase in Lab M's programme of expansion and development.

Lab MFitted out to exacting specifications, and with future growth very much in mind, the new HQ houses all R&D, manufacturing, technical support and commercial operations. It is conveniently located at Quest Park in the Greater Manchester area in the UK, just 2 miles from Lab M's previous premises, and close to major national and international communications hubs...


  Lab M Lab M CaptivateLab M is adding to its range of CaptivateTM antibody coated paramagnetic particles for the specific immunomagnetic separation (IMS) of micro-organisms.  The range currently encompasses products for E. coli O103, E. coli O111, E. coli O145, E. coli O157:H7, E. coli O26, and common serotypes of Salmonella. It is being extended to also include E. coli strains O121, O45, O91. This extended range will cover all ‘The Big Six' strains of non-O157 Shiga-toxin producing E. coli (STECs) now highlighted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as unacceptable in raw beef products E.coli strains O26, O103, O45, O111, O121 and O145...


  New Lab M technical manual now available Lab M technical manualWith the continuing expansion of its microbiological culture media portfolio, Lab M has revised the associated technical manual which is now fully available. The Spring 2012 edition will reflect the fresh new branding brought in during 2011 when the company launched its information-rich ‘gateway to microbiology' e-commerce website. Offering detailed specifications for all Lab M products including: dehydrated culture media, HarlequinTM chromogenic media,  anaerobe isolation media, supplements and additives, this latest edition of the Lab M technical manual is available to download...


  New Managing Director for Lab M Ian Morris Managing DirectorMicrobiology company Lab M has appointed Ian Morris as Managing Director. Combining a science background with extensive business experience at a senior level, Ian has a track record in successfully leading the expansion of established businesses and in driving start-up businesses into new areas. He joined Lab M in January 2012 and is based at the company's headquarters in Bury, Lancashire, UK...


  Lab M culture media supports comprehensive food testing Lab M’s Harlequin™ Salmonella ABC MediumA recent spate of food product recalls reported through the Food Standards Agency highlights  the continued need for routine food testing to prevent the outbreak of disease and financial losses connected to product withdrawals. Microbiology specialists Lab M provide an extensive portfolio of culture media products capable of supporting a comprehensive food hygiene programme. Products include the HarlequinTM range of chromogenic media, which support the rapid detection of key foodborne organisms and reduce the need for subculture or confirmatory tests...


  Specific Salmonella detection with Lab M new Xylose Lysine Tergitol-4 (XLT4) Agar It's often a challenge to identify Salmonella species in samples heavily contaminated with competing microbiological flora, so Lab M has added new Xylose Lysine Tergitol-4 (XLT4) Agar to its extensive range of products for salmonella isolation and identification.  Lab M's new XLT4 is a highly selective and very cost-effective medium for the specific detection and enhanced recovery of non-typhi Salmonella spp. from environmental, food and clinical samples. It enables labs to...


  Exciting times ahead for Lab M - new Mini-Cat available now Lab M’s Mini-Cat, Product GuideLab M has published the latest issue of its informative mini-catalogue.  Focusing on ‘New products, new personalities and new perspectives', the Winter 2011 issue combines the latest events and company news and looks ahead at the development of a number of new culture media products. These include XLT4 Agar, Iron Sulphite Agar and two new ISO-formulated products - MRS Agar and Alkaline Saline Peptone Water...


  Evolving markets in raw milk consumption emphasise need for routine testing for E. coli LABMFollowing a periodical review of consumer health risks from unpasteurised milk and cream, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have maintained their recommendation that pasteurisation is an important control measure in reducing the risks from consumption of raw milk. Microbiological data reviewed showed the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in some raw milk samples and indicators of faecal contamination present at varying levels in most samples analysed...


  Explore new perspectives with Lab M at MEDICA 2011 Explore new perspectives with Lab M at MEDICA 20112011 has been a highly progressive year for microbiology specialist Lab M and the company will be exhibiting its flourishing portfolio of products at MEDICA 2011 from 16 - 19 Nov 2011, in Düsseldorf, Germany. Visitors to the Lab M stand (Hall 1, Stand F22) are invited to investigate the latest products, meet new personalities in the team and learn more about the ever-widening perspective of this growing company. Representatives from Lab M's Sales & Marketing, Technical Support and Customer Services Teams will be on hand to discuss any of your culture media requirements.


  From nuts and spice to food on ice! Lab M Lab M’s specialist range of culture mediaLab M's specialist range of culture media for the isolation of yeasts and moulds is tailored to ensuring the recovery of these organisms from a broad range of foodstuffs, providing the convenience of purchasing from a single supplier. The most recent inclusions in Lab M's range of more than 20 yeast and mould products are Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar (ISO) and Dichloran 18% Glycerol Agar (ISO)...


  Lab M meets the Salmonella challenge Harlequin™ Salmonella ABC MediumNews of the recent emergence of the multidrug-resistant Kentucky strain of Salmonella, which has a high level resistance to ciprofloxacin (a common treatment for severe Salmonella infections), focuses attention once again on the need for vigilance to prevent its further spread. Lab M's comprehensive and proven range of media for the isolation and culture of Salmonellae from foods and animal feed offers a convenient choice of methodologies to fit individual laboratory testing requirements...


  Searching out spores? Lab M Lab M’s new DRCM (ISO) Lab M's new DRCM (ISO) is unique in being the only complete and ISO formulated Differential Reinforced Clostridial Medium on the market. DRCM (ISO) is used for the detection of clostridia spores - used as an indicator of faecal contamination - from water and environmental samples using the Most Probable Number (MPN) technique. It rapidly provides a visual indication of the presence or absence of the target organism...


  Lab M Lab M WebsiteMicrobiology specialist Lab M has unveiled a brand new website that brings together a wide range of supplies for the microbiology laboratory and offers convenient online purchasing. It details the full range of Lab M's microbiological culture media and supplements, together with a growing number of complementary products for the microbiology laboratory...


  Capturing E. coli for faster detection Lab MWith the rapid isolation and identification of verocytotoxigenic strains of Escherichia coli a high priority, Lab M's CaptivateTM immunomagnetic separation (IMS) technique allows part of the conventional enrichment to be omitted, helping labs achieve faster results...


  Breaking the mould? Eurotium rubrum on Lab M’s Dichloran 18% Glycerol Agar (ISO)Battling yeast and mould contamination in foodstuffs requires specialist culture media and Lab M has added Dichloran 18% Glycerol Agar (DG18 Agar) ISO to the armoury. Designed specifically to enhance the growth of viable osmophilic yeasts and xerophilic moulds from low water activity environments, this complete formulation requires no additional supplementation, minimising media preparation time and reducing procurement needs and costs.


  Lab M kicks off 2011 conference programme at SfAM Winter Meeting DRCM from Lab M inoculated with; LEFT: Clostridium sporogenes RIGHT: Clostridium perfringensLab M is continuing in its pledge to deliver the best to its customers by kicking off this new year with an exhibition at the Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) Winter Meeting at Carlton House Terrace in London on January 12, 2011. A host of new products will be on show, and with anaerobes making up a significant part of the conference programme, Lab M is pleased to introduce its new Clostridia medium


  Hotter than a Christmas mince pie! New Lab M Mini Catalogue now Available Autumn/Winter 2010 issue of Lab M’s mini-cat is now availableHot off the press, the Autumn/Winter 2010 issue of Lab M’s mini-cat is now available, and it’s free! Packed with features, news and the latest microbiology product information.


  High five for Lab M at Medica 2010 Mucor racemosus on Lab M’s new DRBC Agar (ISO)There promises to be a fresh and energetic air about the Lab M stand at Medica 2010 with five innovative new products or line extensions across different areas making their exhibition debut and, if previous years are anything to go by, the booth providing a lively hub for exhibition visitors and Lab M's extended family of distributors alike.


  All options covered with Lab M Commonly found in the environment and able to survive dessication, opportunistic pathogen Cronobacter sakazakii is known to pose a risk in the production of dried milk products. Since the organism is associated with sporadic cases and outbreaks of meningitis, necrotising enterocolitis and sepsis, especially in newborns, its reliable detection and monitoring crucial.


  New Lab M media help in tackling fungal food spoilage Lab M has added two new products to its expanding portfolio of specialist culture media for the isolation of yeasts and moulds from foodstuffs: Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar (ISO) and Dichloran 18% Glycerol Agar (ISO). Importantly, the new media comply fully with the requirements of ISO 21527-1:2008 and ISO 21527-2:2008 respectively, standards that relate to the enumeration of yeasts and moulds in food and animal feeding stuff


  Lab M and bioTRADING celebrate business success Microbiology specialist Lab M is celebrating the anniversary of another enduring partnership, demonstrating the company's ability to nurture the long term relationships crucial to the success of an international business. It is now 28 years since Lab M entered into a distribution partnership with bioTRADING Benelux B.V., based in Mijdrecht in The Netherlands.


  Lab M Clostridium difficile remains an extremely important cause of healthcare associated infection (HAI) and its isolation and identification are critical in monitoring and responding to cases of infection. For this purpose, Lab M's range of culture media for anaerobic organisms includes Brazier CCEY Agar.


  Lab M to exhibit at key microbiology meetings As an integral player in the arena of microbiological control, culture media specialist Lab M will be exhibiting at Campden BRI's Rapid microbiological methods: seminar and exhibition at Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire, UK on 11 June, and the Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) Summer Conference 2010 in Brighton, UK on 5-8 July.


  Lab M As E. coli contamination of food continues to make the news, in the UK with suspected illegal clam picking from potentially contaminated beaches, and outbreaks of food poisoning in the US traced to E. coli-tainted shredded Romaine lettuce, the importance of reliable monitoring procedures is once again under the spotlight.


  New issue of Lab M The Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Lab M's continuing mini-catalogue series combines the latest industry news with updates on the company's microbiological culture media products


  Lab M and Biogenetics celebrate two decades together One of Lab M's core strengths is the company's ability to establish and maintain long-lasting and productive relationships with its many international distributors. This year the company celebrates two decades in partnership with Italian distributor, Biogenetics (Ponte San Nicolò - Padova - Italy). This strong, successful partnership brings quality microbiology products to laboratories throughout Italy


  Lab M The addition of Bile Aesculin Agar to Lab M's range of media for the isolation and culture of Enterococci has ensured the portfolio covers a wide variety of applications for these organisms. The range now includes media specifically designed for use with water, food and environmental samples.



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