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Camlab Ltd

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Camlab Ltd


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All articles from Camlab Ltd

  MANTECH pH measurement system helps streamline soil analysis

A MANTECH AssayPlus™ system with an Automax™ 122 sampler is helping scientists at NRM Laboratories in Swaffham, Norfolk, carry out specialist soil analyses.

Section Head Rob Thurley with the MANTECH AssayPlus system and Automax 122 samplerAs Section Head Rob Thurley explained: “Our analyses involve measurement of pH and elements such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, providing an indication of the type and amount of fertiliser required to optimise the condition of agricultural land. Previously, pH was measured using a hand-held pH meter, recording the data manually. This required a dedicated member of staff and was very time consuming. Automation streamlines the process, allowing more samples to be processed in less time.”


  Mantech PeCOD Analyzer saves steel Mill from closure in southern Italy

IVLA is the second largest Steel mill located in the depths of southern Italy. A number of recent deaths from cancer and respiratory failure have been attributed to the effluent released from the factory, threatening its long term future. A rapid solution was needed to reduce emissions and clean up the plant including stricter monitoring of the effluent it produces

Mantech PeCOD AnalyzerTOC would not work in this waste stream as it does not provide the correct information to assess how lethal the waste really is to health. Conventional methods of assessing water quality utilising Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) using Dichromate can take up to 3 hours to obtain the results. In response to the urgency for improved detection times within the Steel Mill, Mantech Inc, have successfully installed a PeCOD system into the mill...


  Automated Water Analysis of pH, EC, Alkalinity, Turbidity and Color from a single 50ml sample Environmental laboratories, challenged with ever increasing sample loads for human and environmental protection, are analyzing more potable, surface and ground waters than ever before. These laboratories have expressed their desire to run more parameters from a single sample with larger batch sizes, unattended

Automated Water AnalysisUK experts in water analysis, Camlab have recently announced a new development from Mantech which allows the measurement of up to 9 parameters in a single sample that can be collected in a standard 50ml falcon® tube..


  Glasswasher range now offers more choice and a laboratory glasswashersCamlab not only offers a great range of laboratory glasswashers, we have years of expertise in getting the best results from your lab washing protocols. From selecting the right rack, to selecting the perfect cleaning agents from our range specifically designed for the rigors of laboratory washing...


  Camlab saves Camlab saves £100,000 in 12 months with Balloon One warehouse integrationLaboratory products supplier Camlab has slashed inventory costs and achieved 99 per cent stock accuracy with warehouse management solutions from Balloon One. In 12 months, this saved Camlab £100,000 in stock costs. Camlab expects to use the software to reduce stock holdings further while maintaining customer service excellence...


  Energy efficient extraction fume hood technology benefits from improved filter selectivity Camlab-Erlab Green Fume HoodCambridge-based laboratory supplier, Camlab is now exclusively offering a new environmentally-friendly solution from ERLAB in the form of the new energy saving Green Fume Hood range that offers all the benefits of traditional filtration hoods while solving the problem of limited filter selectivity...


  Camlab Camlab new websiteOne of the UK's leading scientific suppliers, Camlab Ltd is launching a new website for 2011 that is fully integrated with the company's SAP-based business intelligence enterprise software which enables the company's customers to have unprecedented access to detailed product information and technical information...


  Camlab now offers automated water analysis solution for BOD by day and titration by night The PC-BOD™ systemCamlab, one of the UK's leading scientific suppliers and service/repair agents, has been appointed by Man-Tech Associates to represent and support the company's range of automated water quality analysers in the UK. The PC-BODTM system, which is designed to automate the 5- and 7-day BOD analysis method, simplifies the complex BOD measurement procedure required by many discharge consents to analyse the quality of wastewater.


  Camlab unveils new range of low profile, submersible magnetic stirrers The innovative, maintenance-free 2mag range of submersible magnetic stirrers and stirrer hotplates are now available in the UK from Camlab.



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