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How to submit a press release to Lab Bulletin

It's easy and free of charge!

Lab Bulletin is always looking for new content which will be of interest to members of our community and welcomes you to submit details on your latest products and company announcements.

Lab Bulletin has been designed so that you can easily add your latest announcement yourselves using our online WYSIWYG editor.  You will first need to create a company profile so that our members can contact you to request further information.  Your company details will also be added to our directory of suppliers so that our members can find your company when searching for specific products.

If you require any assistance please contact Russell Purvis, Publisher or Sandie Purvis, Editor.

Russell Purvis Publisher at

Sandie Purvis Editor at

Russell Purvis
Sandie Purvis




To add your company profile please login and click Add/Edit Company Profile / Add Press Release, click add new profile and complete the form provided.

Please make sure to add all of your products so that your company can be easily found when members of our community are searching for specific products.



Non Members 

If you are not currently a member of Lab Bulletin, click join now from the Lab Bulletin home page. If you have not received a Promotion Code then click next. Tick the checkbox for Free Membership to all Manufacturers of laboratory equipment and complete the form provided.  You will then be able add your company profile as described above.

Once you have become a member and have created a company profile you will be able to submit press releases. 

If you require any further information or encounter any problems during this process, please feel free to contact us directly on +44 (0)1438 871968 or send an email to


If your company is part of a group of companies, it is also possible for one person to be able manage/administer all of the company profiles within your group.

Please contact us to enable this feature.





The Editor Explained

The Editor Explained.jpg





This editor is a WYSIWYG editor which is an acronym for: What You See Is What You Get.

There may be several icons and features on this editor that are familiar to you already, if not each area of the editor will be explained below.


Text Formatting

Text Formatting.jpg




The first section of buttons on the editor can be used to:

  • Remove all formatting
  • Change the colour of text (we would prefer if this option is not used)
  • Change the colour of the text background (we would prefer if this option is not used)
  • Make text bold
  • Make the text italic
  • Make the text underlined
  • Create sub and superscript text.

To use any of these functions you need to highlight the required text in the editor field and click on one or more of the required formats in the editor.


 Text Placement

Text Placement.jpg





The next section on the editor again maybe familiar to you. These buttons enable you to place your content to the left, center or right of the page.

Highlight the relevant content and click on the required position, using one of the three buttons.







You are able to add styles to your text using these three drop down menus.

Highlight the text you wish to change and choose from one or more, of the style drop down menus.



From here you can choose from a list of predefined styles.


Font Family

Please leave as default.


Font Size

Please leave as default


Copying and Pasting From Word and Other Text Documents

Paste from word.jpg




If you have written your content in a Word or other text document and you want to copy and paste it into the editor on your site there are two options available to you.

You can either paste as plain text or paste from Word.

NOTE: Even if you are copying from a Word document it is always recommend that you use the 'paste as plain text' option. The reason for this is because pasting from Word copies over strange formatting that Word can generate and this can affect the way your content is displayed.

Pasting as plain text ensures all of the copy on the Lab Bulletin website is standardized.

To paste as plain text you need to

  • Open the document you want to copy from,
  • Highlight the text,
  • Copy the text,
  • Click on the paste as plain text button in the editor.
  • A pop up box will open into which you need to paste the text. You do this by clicking within the window with your cursor and then hold down control and V on your keyboard.
  • You will see the text appear in the window,
  • Click 'insert' and the text will now be copied into the body field.


Creating Lists









If you want to create a list within your content you can use either:

  • Numbered list
  • Bulleted list

To add this formatting, highlight the text then click on the numbered list button to add numbered bulleting or bulleted list button to add the bulleted list.


Links Overview






These three buttons on the editor are concerned with linking, you can use this button to create external links, internal links and email links, used with the anchor button you can also link within the same page.

To make sure all three buttons are activated you must have highlighted the text or image that you wish to apply the link to.


External Links

To link to an external website you need to highlight the text or image you want act as the link.

Click on the insert/edit button and a pop up window will appear

Enter the URL of the external website into the 'Link URL' field. So for this example we will enter a link to the Lab Bulletin site.

When entering a link to an external site it is important to add the http:// at the beginning.

So we will enter

As we are linking to an external site we recommend setting the target to open in a new window, so our visitors are not taken away from our site.

Click 'insert' and the link will be added.

NOTE: The link will not be active until the content is previewed or published.


Email Links

To add a link to an email address you need to firstly highlight the text or image you want the link to be assigned to and click the insert/edit link button.

In the link URL field enter 'mailto:' (without the commas) followed by the email address you wish the link to be sent to.

By adding a title you can add hover over text to the link. This means whenever someone hovers over the link with their cursor they will see this text.

Click 'insert' to create the link and close the pop up window.

NOTE: The link will not be active until the content is previewed or published.


Linking Within a Page (Anchors)

It is possible to set up links that take you to different positions within the same page.

To create these links we will use a function called 'anchors'.

We will use the FAQ's as an example for this section.

The first step is to create the page and add all content:

To create a link from the third question at the top of the page to the answer in the middle of the same page we need to create an 'anchor'.

Within the body field, place the cursor at the end destination

Click on the anchor button in the editor.

An insert anchor window will open, in this field you need to give your anchor a name.

Name it something that relates to where it is on the page.

Click 'insert' and you will see the anchor has been set.

The next step is to create a link to the anchor.

Highlight the question that will act as the link

Click on the insert/edit link button.

In the 'Link URL' field you need to enter the name that you gave your anchor, proceeded by a #

NOTE: You must enter the # for the link to work.

Click 'insert' and you can see the link has been added.

So when a user clicks on this link they will be taken to the anchor on the page. Again this will not be live until the page is published.


Removing Links

To remove a link you need to edit the page you wish to remove the link from.

Highlight the text or image that has an active link in the editor.

Once you have done this you will see the 'unlink' button has become active.

Click this and you will see the link has been removed.


Email Links

To add a link to an email address you need to firstly highlight the text or image you want the link to be assigned to and click the insert/edit link button.

In the link URL field enter 'mailto:' (without the commas) followed by the email address you wish the link to be sent to.

By adding a title you can add hover over text to the link. This means whenever someone hovers over the link with their cursor they will see this text.

Click 'insert' to create the link and close the pop up window.

NOTE: The link will not be active until the content is previewed or published.


Insert an Image

When adding an image to the Lab Bulletin website you must firstly save it to your computer

You must also ensure it has been saved using the correct dimensions and as either a .jpg, .gif or .png file.

To add an image into the body field place the cursor at the place you wish to insert the image

Click on the insert/edit image button -

The image window will now open

To add a new image you need to click on the 'browse' button.

This will open up the image manger

To add your first image click on 'Upload new image'

This will open a pop up window

Click on the 'browse' button

This will open another window that will allow you to find your previously saved image

Click to highlight the required image

Click the 'Open ' button

You will see the file location has been added into the 'File to upload' field

Click upload and your image will now appear in the image manager.

Double click on the image

The image will appear in the preview pane:

Here you can add an image description, which is important for search engine optimization.

You can change the appearance of the image by clicking on the 'Appearance' tab.



To wrap text around the image you need to choose an option from the 'Alignment' drop down list.

Select left to position the image to the left and select right to position the image to the right



You can change the size of the image by changing the height and width we recommend the width at 180

NOTE: This will only change the appearance of the image not the actual file size. We therefore recommend you resize your image before you save it to the image manager


Spacing & Borders

You can also add space around the image or give the image a border.

Click insert and the image will be inserted into the body field.


Insert Video from YouTube

We have made it simple for you to embed video clips straight from YouTube.

To do this you will need to know the video ID of your required YouTube video.

You can find this by going to and finding the relevant video.

In the address bar you will see a series of characters at the end of the URL.

Highlight and copy everything that appears after the equals sign.

Edit or create the page you want to embed the YouTube! Video within.

Click on the YouTube! button on the editor

The following pop up window will appear

Paste the video ID into the ID field:

Click 'insert' and a placeholder will appear in the editor.

Click 'Save' and 'Preview' to see the YouTube video has been inserted.

If you are happy with it click the 'Publish Now' link.



Insert a Table

To add a table into your content you need to click on the 'Insert a new table' button on the editor.

The following window will pop up:

Define how many columns and rows the table needs

Place the table using the alignment drop down, align the table in the center of the page or to the left of right

For more advanced controls click on the 'advanced tab'.

The most useful advanced options are the ability to set the border and background colour of the table.

Click 'insert' and you can see the table has been added to the content.

To add text or images into your table you need to place your cursor within one of the table cells and add any text or images as normal.


Edit a Table

Once a table has been created several more options will be activated on the editor.

These will enable you to edit the table.

  • Table row properties
  • Table cell properties
  • Insert row at the top of selection
  • Insert row at bottom of selection
  • Delete selected row
  • Insert column at beginning of selection
  • Insert column at the end of selection
  • Delete selected column
  • Split previously merged cell
  • Merge cells


Full Screen Editor

By clicking on this button you will make the editor appear full screen, which will give you more room to edit your content.

NOTE: When using full screen, you are not getting a true representation of the page.


Insert Custom Characters

You are able to insert special characters by clicking on this button in the editor.

It is useful for inserting copyright or trademark symbols or other such custom characters.

This window will pop up, from which you can select the character you want to insert.


Spell Checker

There is a spell checker included in the editor.

Click on the ABC button and the spell checker will underline any incorrectly spelt words.

Click on the underlined word and you will be offered alternative spellings.

You can choose to ignore this miss-spelt word if you so wish.



If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1438 871968 or send us an email


All press releases received will be reviewed and only published on approval of the editor.