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Waters Introduces New PFAS Quantitation Workflow Enabled by Enhancements to waters_connect Informatics Platform

publication date: Dec 1, 2022
author/source: Waters Corporation
In addition to waters_connect for Quantitation Software, the new PFAS workflow is comprised of a Waters ACQUITY Premier UPLC System, a Xevo TQ Absolute tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer, ACQUITY Premier BEH Columns, Oasis WAX sample preparation cartridges, PFAS analysis kit and ERA PFAS Proficiency Testing and Certified Reference Materials



New PFAS quantitation workflow designed to simplify trace-level measurement of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in food, soil, air, and water samples.

Waters Corporation has announced a new Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) quantitation workflow enabled by enhancements to its waters_connect™ for quantitation software. Through a combination of Waters™ ultra-sensitive instrumentation, sample prep chemistries and software, the end-to-end workflow simplifies and automates the measurement of PFAS in food, soil, air, and water at parts-per-quadrillion levels that meet and exceed regulatory detection limits.

“As we find more PFAS in the environment and we learn more about their potential toxicity, the list of chemicals that environmental and public health laboratories will be expected to monitor will continue to grow,” said Warren Potts, Senior Director – Global Food and Environmental Business, Waters Corporation. “Our end-to-end PFAS quantitation workflow simplifies the process and minimizes risks in obtaining trace-level PFAS measurement data by eliminating manual transcription errors and automating data processing and reporting in compliance with regulatory requirements.”

A key component of the waters_connect for quantitation software is the MS Quan™ app which includes an Exception Focused Review feature allowing users to implement tailored rulesets to focus the review process on only those results that fall outside specified targets, cutting data review time by up to 50%.

In addition to the waters_connect for quantitation software, the Waters PFAS quantitation workflow solution consists of everything needed for laboratories to measure PFAS accurately and reproducibly in a variety of sample matrices. Products include Waters’ ultra-sensitive liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments, separation columns and sample preparation cartridges.

The Waters PFAS quantitation workflow solution and updated waters_connect for quantitation software are now available worldwide from Waters


PFAS quantitation workflow solutions



About Waters Corporation

Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT), a global leader in analytical instruments and software, has pioneered chromatography, mass spectrometry, and thermal analysis innovations serving the life, materials, and food sciences for more than 60 years. With more than 7,800 employees worldwide, Waters operates directly in more than 35 countries, including 14 manufacturing facilities, and with products available in more than 100 countries.

Waters, MS Quan, Xevo and waters_connect are trademarks of Waters Corporation.


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