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Systec introduces new autoclaves and Systec Connect System at Analytica 2022

publication date: Jun 23, 2022
author/source: Systec



The autoclaves from Systec GmbH can be used for all laboratory applications: for sterilizing solids, liquids, waste, and biological hazardous substances. All autoclaves can be equipped with options to optimize the sterilization process. The options required for the corresponding sterilization processes can be added to your configuration.

When sterilizing solids and waste in bags, for example, Systec autoclaves can be equipped with a vacuum system that completely removes the air from the product. This enables steam to penetrate the product and sterilize it in a way that can be validated. The integrated Superdry drying feature ensures that solids are completely dried after they are sterilized. For sterilizing liquids in bottles, Systec has developed the Ultra-cooler cooling system; it reduces the re-cooling time by up to 90% when compared to self-cooling.


New generation: Systec HX-Series – large horizontal autoclaves

There are new laboratory autoclaves in the Systec HX-Series. The latest generation of the proven Systec HX-Series has many new features. The large horizontal autoclaves are designed as floor-standing autoclaves that are loaded from the front. These stand-alone autoclaves come in 16 sizes with a chamber volume of 65 to 1580 liters. They are compact and lightweight despite their high load capacities. The Systec HX-Series has many new features to increase efficiency. For example, you can use the new Systec Connect ICS software, or the Systec Connect app to remotely monitor all sterilization processes.


New generation: Systec HX-Series 2D – pass-through/double-door autoclaves

The same applies to the pass-through autoclaves of the Systec HX-Series 2D, which consists of 13 models with chamber volumes from 90 to 1580 liters. With their two doors, these autoclaves are specially designed for gas-tight installations in partition walls. Their design features the same modern functional form that distinguishes all Systec autoclaves.


New generation: Systec V-Series vertical autoclaves/ Systec D-Series table-top autoclaves

Systec will also be introducing the compact Systec V-Series models of the new generation. The new generation of the Systec D-Series will also be presented as a world first at ANALYTICA 2022. Both of these series are distinguished by their completely new design along with most of the features from the new Systec HX-Series to make your work processes even more efficient. The Systec V-Series models are top-loading vertical autoclaves (40 – 150 liter floor-standing autoclaves). These are characterized by their small footprint and large usable chamber height. The Systec D-Series models are front-loading horizontal autoclaves (25 to 200 liter bench-top autoclaves), and offer the best loading capacity for most standard media bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks. The latest generation of the Systec V-Series and Systec D-Series models will be available to end customers in 2023 – and can already be seen at ANALYTICA in 2022.


New: Systec Connect for monitoring all autoclave processes

Systec will also be presenting the new Systec Connect system at ANALYTICA 2022 using the models of the Systec HX-Series, Systec V-Series and Systec D-Series. This is an interface for monitoring all new-generation Systec autoclaves in laboratories and facilities. The Systec Connect ICS (Information and Control System) is intuitive, reads out process data in real time, passes on warning messages and notifies of completed autoclaving processes. At the trade fair, Systec will demonstrate how this system saves time in large laboratories that have multiple autoclaves by eliminating the need for checking at each individual device. Systec Connect will be available in 2022. It can be used both on computers in the laboratory and as an app (Systec Connect App) on mobile phones.


Systec Mediaprep – Production/Sterilization of microbiological media

Visitors can also find out more about the Systec Mediaprep media preparators (7 sizes, 10 to 120 liters), which can quickly and easily prepare and sterilize microbiological media.


Systec Mediafill – Automatic filling and stacking of culture media in petri dishes and filling of test tubes

Another focus of our ANALYTICA trade fair presentation is the Systec Mediafill System, which automatically fills culture media in Petri dishes and test tubes. It is available with 3 stacking carousel heights for up to 600 Petri dishes. Its 5.7" touch display makes this device easy and intuitive to operate. The Petri dish can be selected at the touch of a button thanks to the integrated database for pre-programmed Petri dish dimensions. The filling and stacking are also fully automatic and require no operator intervention. Integrated peristaltic pumps ensure precise filling of media and addition of additives. The range of available options ensures that the Systec Mediafill System can be optimally configured for a wide variety of applications.

Visit Systec in hall B1, Stand 502.



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