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NEW Remotely Controlled Heating Stations for Robotic Systems, Fume Hoods, & Controlled Environmental Chambers

publication date: Dec 7, 2022
author/source: Torrey Pines Scientific Inc



Heating Only Dry Baths for Automation

The EchoTherm™ RHB20 Series was designed for use in robotic systems. As such, it is a small, self contained unit that runs off 12 volts DC. Power is provided from a universal bench top power supply that takes 100VAC to 260VAC, 50/60Hz inputs and converts that to 12 volts DC for the RHB20 series. The unit comes with an RS232 cable for connecting it to a PC via any open serial port.

The Serial Command Set is provided with the unit. It gives the user the information needed to control the RHB20. Any number of units can be connected to a PC using any of the available serial ports on the computer. After the RHB20 has been instructed to go to a temperature, the unit can be disconnected from the computer and the computer can be used to instruct another RHB20 using the same serial port on the computer. The unit will retain its instructions when disconnected from the computer until told otherwise. As the unit heats toward its target temperature, the LED on the unit will flash. When the flashing stops and the LED is constantly lit, the unit is stable at the target temperature.

If the user opts to run a complex temperature/time profile, the RHB20 can be instructed, via a computer and software generated by the user, to run the profile. In this case, the RHB20 unit will have to remain connected to the computer.

The RHB20 uses all the standard sample blocks. Surface size is 2.875” (73 mm) x 4.375” (111 mm). Custom blocks are available on special order for any sample container.

The RHB20 can connect to the MIC20 to set and display temperature and timer, collect current set point or temperature, set or clear an idle mode, or calibrate the units using the RS232 cable. The MIC20 can be disconnected from one unit and used to set another unit while the prior unit proceeds to do as it was instructed. A PC or computer in a robot can be used to do the same.
The RHB20 is provided with user manual, serial command set, universal power supply for use anywhere in the world, AC line cord for the country of use, and 12-month warranty. All EchoTherm™ units are UL, CSA, and CE compliant.


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