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GenNext Unveils the World’s First Fully Automated Protein Footprinting System at the California Separation Science Society Meeting

publication date: Sep 12, 2023
author/source: GenNext Technologies, Inc.



The new AutoFox™ System promises to deliver hands-free, high-throughput Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting for sophisticated Higher Order Structural (HOS) analysis.

GenNext Technologies, Inc., provider of novel instrumentation, software, and services for structural biology announced the release of the AutoFox Protein Footprinting System, a massive innovation in protein HOS research, at the California Separation Science Society combined Mass Spectrometry and Higher Order Structure (CASSS MS/HOS) meetings.

With the launch of the new AutoFox® System, GenNext is empowering structural biology researchers to perform fully automated Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF) without the need for expensive, complicated, and hazardous lasers. Plus, GenNext’s FoxWare® Softwareeradicates data processing bottlenecks with this powerful program tailored to meet the demands of HOS analysis.

The AutoFox System is the world’s only fully automated radical protein footprinting instrument. The AutoFox system enables hands-free, high-throughput, and reproducible protein footprinting leveraging two key and proprietary innovations available in the latest GenNext system:

Plug-and-Play Opto-Fluidic Chip: Compact, plug-and-play micro-fluidic chip provides on-board reagent mixing, flash photolysis, and radical dosimetry measurements, obviating the use of fragile fused-silica capillaries.
Fully Automated, 96-Well Microplate: Hands-free, high-throughput capacity for easy workflow integration. Label up to 48 different samples in 30 seconds — all at the push of a button.

For the first time, researchers can harness the power of fully automated, chip-based Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting.

"The CASSS MS meeting is the perfect venue to introduce our flagship system to the structural biology research community." stated Scot Weinberger, CEO of GenNext Technologies. "Many years of hard work from the GenNext team of staff and scientific advisory board members coalesced in a truly revolutionary platform that will seamlessly integrate into the biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development workflow."



About GenNext Technologies

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, GenNext Technologies, Inc., is a growth-stage company that provides instrumentation, software, and services to pharmaceutical researchers investigating biopharmaceutical structure, interactions, folding, aggregation, formulation, and delivery. Our powerful, compact, and cost-effective platform enables researchers to conduct reproducible Higher Order Structure experiments quickly, easily, and safely. We help our customers accelerate biopharmaceutical development, while improving therapeutic efficacy and safety. Ultimately, our mission is to enable structural biology researchers to discover and develop drug therapies that improve human health.



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