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WinLims Rental enables LIMS to run ‘free’

QSI TAX FREE PR-web.jpgThe innovative WinLims Rental solution from Quality Systems International (QSI) allows organizations, which are making profits and paying corporation tax, to benefit by reducing their tax burden by the year’s WinLims rental fees. This means that WinLims effectively costs nothing and is essentially ‘free’.

WinLims Rental has been specifically developed to enable organizations to save spending significant capital when investing in WinLims, one of the top three global commercial LIMS solutions.

The typical cost of purchasing a three concurrent user commercial LIMS is between £15,000 and £25,000. However, with WinLims Rental an organization only needs to pay £265 per month, plus a one-off cost of £549 for the scheme setup fee and a copy of Crystal Reports Professional.

As part of the WinLims Rental scheme initial support is included within the monthly fee for five support incidences which, when used, can be replaced for a one-off fee of £200. Experience shows that clients may use up to ten incidences during the setup period, with only an occasional request thereafter. An annual support contract for a three user system would typically cost from £1500 to £2000, so further savings can be made by only buying support incidences when required.

A key financial benefit of WinLims Rental is that the concept involves minimal upfront costs. The small monthly rental payments help to conserve an organization’s working capital, which can then be used for other requirements.

WinLims version upgrades are also included within the monthly rental fee, which greatly reduces the ongoing costs for a business. Whereas most LIMS vendors charge a significant amount for upgrades with the rental approach an organization’s LIMS will essentially continue to be improved free of charge.

“There are a number of other tangible financial benefits to be gained by taking advantage of the rental approach to running a LIMS,” explained Clive Collier, QSI’s managing director. “The low monthly fees and the short time required to go live with WinLims also means that the return on investment for the rental concept can be as little as three months which compares very favourably with the typical return on investment rate for a capital LIMS purchase which is more like two to three years.”

The WinLims Rental scheme also offers organizations a great degree of business flexibility because they not need to commit to rent for any fixed period and if, after any period of time, they wish to stop using the product, then all they need to do is cease the monthly fee payments.

Visit or call +44 1844 208598 for more information.

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