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TTP Plc and Cubed Laboratories Announce Successful Completion of Product Development Project

publication date: Jul 24, 2018
author/source: TTP Labtech Ltd

TTPNESDEP portable laboratory for pathogen detection is now being transferred for manufacture

TTP Plc (TTP), a leading independent technology and product development company, and Cubed Laboratories (Cubed), a developer of rapid, DNA-based molecular diagnostic devices and test kits, has announced the successful completion of a project to develop Cubed’s core product, the NESDEP portable laboratory for pathogen detection. This accurate, high-throughput, and easy-to-use system has benefits in the food safety industry and potentially beyond.

Cubed engaged TTP towards the end of 2017 to undertake a rapid redesign and repackaging of its NESDEP device. Working from the base technology developed by Cubed, TTP’s Desktop Biology team conducted a bottom-up repackaging and development programme focussing on aesthetics, ease-of-use, and manufacturability. In May 2018, TTP hosted Bruce Brock, CEO of Cubed and Gabe Shakour, their Director of Manufacturing. This workshop marked the beginning of formally transferring the design to manufacture. TTP has now shipped pre-production prototypes to Cubed, and manufacture of the system is underway.

The newest market-ready NESDEP permits the detection of pathogens in less than 90 minutes, from introduction of a raw sample to the full completion of the assay. NESDEP is a portable laboratory that can be used by a lay person without specialised training or experience. It can be used in virtually any indoor or outdoor location with access to power. Each NESDEP test kit contains a biochip programmed to test for specific biological material, and aims to improve quality management processes in the food and beverage industries. NESDEP will provide customers with significant cost savings and aid in the effort to reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses.

Les Ivie, COO of Cubed, said:

“TTP and Cubed have a long-standing relationship. Previously TTP partnered with us in helping commercialise our breakthrough technology. Now we have successfully partnered again, two leaders in their respective fields, Cubed for it breakthrough technology and TTP for its product engineering expertise, to deliver this revolutionary rapid diagnostic device. We are looking forward to future partnerships with TTP as we seek to further expand our product portfolio.”

Stuart Lowe, Life Science Consultant at TTP, commented:

“Cubed was one of the earliest beneficiaries of TTP’s Desktop Biology initiative, providing development expertise for those looking to enable analytical-quality testing at the point-of-decision, rather than relying on central laboratory services. We are delighted to have partnered with Cubed in the commercialising of the NESDEP device.”

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