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Micreos Secures €12 Million for New Products Containing Staphefekt

publication date: Mar 17, 2016
author/source: Micreos

Alternative to Antibiotics can Help Millions

StaphefektDutch biotech company Micreos announces today that it has secured €12 million in additional equity for the global development of its antibacterial lysin technology, Staphefekt in new products.

 Micreos intends to use the secured funds, which run until 2017, for the global development of Staphefekt™ as a pharmaceutical (Rx) product.Micreos develops targeted antibacterial technology as a sustainable alternative to antibiotics for which it is a recognised leader in the field.

Gladskin is the world’s first lysin (enzyme) based product registered for human use. It specifically targets S. aureus, including MRSA on intact skin.

Staphefekt™ was launched in 2013 as the active compound in Gladskin, a product for people with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and acne. Gladskin creams and gels with Staphefekt™ have been tested in prospective studies by the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. Results show that daily use of Gladskin to suppress S. aureus on the skin lead to a significant reduction of inflammatory symptoms associated with eczema, acne and rosacea.

A clear correlation between eczema severity and colonization by S. aureus has been established in recent years, identifying S. aureus as an independent trigger for the typical inflammatory symptoms seen in eczema, such as itch, redness, scaling and infection.

Contrary to antibiotics, Staphefekt™ kills only the harmful bacteria, leaving the beneficial microbiome on our skin unharmed. This means it can also be used as a long-term maintenance therapy for chronic skin conditions. Due to its unique mode of action, Staphefekt™ is not expected to induce drug-resistance, leading the company to carry out clinical trials for various indications as a pharmaceutical superior alternative to antibiotics for the treatment of eczema, diabetic wound infections, ulcers and burn wounds.

“We are delighted with this influx of additional funding. It confirms investors’ continued confidence in our technology. Similar support can be found in the very favorable patient feedback in our OTC channel,” comments CEO Mark Offerhaus. “In addition, there is an understanding that patient needs in many skin conditions are currently not being met. Clinical development is costly and time-consuming, but the millions of people who suffer from S. aureus related infections such as eczema, stand to benefit from the advancement brought about by this funding.”

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