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Introducing an Affordable Capillary Gel Electrophoresis Analyzer for DNA

publication date: Feb 24, 2015
author/source: Precision Biosystems

The Qsep100 DNA Analyzer from Precision Biosystems performs rapid, high sensitivity assays at lower cost per sample compared to similar systems.

Qsep100 DNA AnalyzerCapillary gel electrophoresis technology is recognized as an optimal approach to performing post PCR separation, detection of DNA and RNA fragments and assessing the quality of genomic DNA. The Qsep100 DNA Analyzer, by Precision Biosystems, uses micro-capillary gel electrophoresis combined with fluorescence detection, and is capable of performing 200 assays automatically as quickly as 2 minutes per sample. With costs per sample as low as $0.10 each, Qsep100 is a fast and highly sensitive analyzer for DNA and RNA assays.

“There is no question, capillary gel electrophoresis with LED-induced fluorescence is a powerful analytical tool for DNA analysis and immunoassays, effectively replacing time-consuming and labor intensive slab-gel electrophoresis technology,” says Russ Yukhananov, CEO of Precision Biosystems. “Data posted on our website shows our Qsep100 system exhibited excellent reproducibility in every experiment we performed,” he added.

The Qsep100 DNA Analyzer quickly resolves DNA fragments in the range of 10 to 20,000 base pairs (bp) with 2 to 4 bp resolution. The design features a disposable pen shaped cartridge filled with gel that incorporates a short fused silica capillary. The sample is automatically injected into the cartridge where it migrates through the capillary, and fragments are excited by a super bright light emitting diode (LED) and signal detected by photomultiplier. A radio frequency identification (RFID) chip built into the pen-shaped gel cartridge tracks the number of runs, the type of gel cartridge used, and the sample number. The compact analyzer is supplied with a 12-well or 96-well sample loader. System set up requires an external nitrogen gas source or air pump and standard electrical supply. Scientists capture and manage experimental data using the supplied software with its intuitive interface, and data transfer is facilitated with a USB connection in spreadsheet compatible format.

About Precision Biosystems 

Precision Biosystems is focused on developing and supplying solutions to help researchers automate difficult, time-consuming tasks in their laboratories. Founded and operated by scientists, the company specializes in practical designs that provide reproducible data. 

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