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Freeman Technology exhibits for first time in Brazil at PTX Powder and Technology Expo

Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology, will deliver two lectures at the International Powder and Technology Expo (PTX) in  Brazil on the topic of understanding the variability of powder behaviour.

Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman TechnologyFreeman Technology will also exhibit the FT4 Powder Rheometer® at the event, which takes place from 6-8 August 2013 at the Expo Center Norte in Sao Paolo.  This is the first time that the company has participated in an exposition in Brazil and provides an opportunity for those working with powders to learn more about the use of multifaceted powder characterization to increase understanding of product behaviour and to optimise process control. 

In the first of his lectures, Tim Freeman will illustrate how taking a universal approach to powder testing assists with product design as well as the design and trouble shooting of processes. Modern, computer controlled universal powder testers, such as the FT4 Powder Rheometer combine shear and bulk property measurements with dynamic methodologies.  The presentation, entitled  “The characterisation of bulk material properties – the need for a multivariate approach”, will illustrate how these measurements are used to optimise powder processes such as mixing, hopper flow and die filling.

The second lecture, “The influence of ambient moisture and time on powder flow characteristics”, will focus on the varied effects of moisture absorption on powder properties and performance. The uptake of moisture can have a transformative, often unpredictable, effect on powder behaviour and processing efficiency. Having the ability to quantify the effects of environmental humidity is vitally important for predicting potential flow problems.

Universal powder testers, such as the FT4 Powder Rheometer, find application within a broad range of traditional industries and emerging technologies. The PTX conference offers a valuable opportunity for those currently working in the powders industry to question leading experts from across the world and find out about new analytical techniques that can support fast and effective product development.

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