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How to overcome common challenges when pipetting in microwell plates?

publication date: Sep 26, 2018
author/source: Sartorius Group


Have you accidentally missed a well or pipetted twice into the same well when using microwell plates?

Laboratory professionals rate missing a well during pipetting as one of the most common sources of errors and frustration when working with microwell plates. Causes for  losing track range from interruptions during pipetting to the handling small volumes of colorless liquids that make it difficult to visually identify empty and filled wells.

At Sartorius, our long experience in the industry has shown that an electronic pipette helps overcome the most common problems faced during plate work. The Picus® electronic pipette has an in-built Plate Tracker function for 96-well and 384-well plates, which guides users to pipette into the correct wells. In combination with the multi-dispensing mode , the plate tracker functionality makes pipetting into microwell plates easier as well as reduces errors and inconsistencies between users  -  thereby increasing reliability and efficiency.

Find out more about Picus® and download application notes!

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