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The Smart, Reusable Bottle for Cell Culture Media Preparation

publication date: Jan 3, 2017
author/source: Lab Unlimited

DURAN®TILT is designed for making work in biosafety cabinets and clean hoods safer and easier.

20161212_1The handling of traditional cell culture media bottles in biosafety cabinets and hoods is inconvenient and time-consuming. The innovative features of the DURAN®TILT bottle change everything. The TILT bottle has two positions: upright for filter sterilisation or storage, and tilted at 45° for pipetting. 


  • The TILT bottle has a unique 45° tilt position for pipetting.
  • The innovative design enables both good aseptic and ergonomic practice.
  • The GL 56 mouth has a 100% larger area than the standard GL 45 mouth for easier pipetting.
  • It easily accommodates even the largest serological pipettes (100ml), and helps avoid contamination.
  • Ergonomically shaped GL 56 screw cap included, made from polypropylene
  • Vacuum resistant glass bottle for the safe filter sterilisation of media.
  • Space saving shape for fridge storage and warming media in a water bath
  • Low bottle height is practical for use in a biosafety cabinet.
  • Tilted volume indicators in both positions and on both sides
  • Manufactured from DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 glass
    • A tried and trusted material
    • Certified as non-cytotoxic (according to ISO 10993-5:2009)
    • DURAN® glass does not leach any organic molecules that might affect the culturing of cells
    • Borosilicate 3.3 glass for reusability and lower whole life costs.

Find out more about the DURAN® TILT



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