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QImaging Introduces New CCD Cameras for Microscopy with Modern Software to Streamline Image Capture

publication date: Jul 4, 2016
author/source: QImaging

Life Science Customers Benefit from Affordable and Superior Camera Performance with an Intuitive Imaging Interface

Retiga R3QImaging, a manufacturer of scientific cameras for life science and OEM applications, introduces a new series of Retiga™ CCD cameras, accompanied by QImaging’s new acquisition software to deliver high-performance tools for microscopy and imaging to researchers at an affordable price.

The new QImaging Retiga R1, Retiga R3 and Retiga R6 cameras offer valuable technical features such as state-of-the-art, highly efficient CCD sensor technology and deep cooling that virtually eliminates dark current noise. These innovations impact data by lowering the limits of detection and improving quantification for more comprehensive results. Across the range of Retiga cameras, performance benchmarks are among the best in their respective classes; the Retiga R1 uses a 1.4MP sensor for routine fluorescence imaging and documentation, while the Retiga R3 uses a 2.8MP sensor and offers even more pixels to facilitate live cell imaging and slide scanning with available binning for high magnification work. The Retiga R6 uses a 6MP sensor and supports applications requiring high pixel count and large FOV such as time lapse, tile-and-stitch or stereo microscopy.

The Retiga R™ series cameras are the first QImaging instruments to use the new image capture software, Ocular™. Built from the ground up to be a reliable part of daily research tasks, Ocular software provides a familiar user experience with a ribbon-based design for easy navigation between live view, image acquisition, movie capture and image analysis tasks.

“Researchers know QImaging as a brand that will always deliver a quality product at a fair price,” said Steven Smith, product manager at QImaging. “With the launch of the Retiga R-Series, we will amaze our long-time customers and win new fans. This series distances itself from competitive microscopy as well as machine vision cameras with stunning features that improve quantification and lowers the limits of detection. Combined with our new Ocular software engine that was built to make researchers lives easier, scientists will enjoy high quality and simplified image capturing.”

The new QImaging Retiga R series cameras include:

  • Highly Sensitive Scientific Imaging: deep sensor cooling delivers images free of thermal noise, even with large binning factors and long exposures allowing visualization of dim samples using higher magnification.
  • Dynamic Pixel Range: Across the range of Retiga R series cameras, there is a pixel count to suit any set of applications, supporting a wide array of scientific imaging requirements.
  • Intelligent Quantification™: A set of on camera intelligence features that correct defective pixels, remove accumulated dark current and greatly extend dynamic range beyond 16 bits, employing advanced real-time FPGA algorithms to deliver better image quality.
  • Ocular Software: An innovative imaging interface built from the ground up to make finding and capturing publication-quality images easy due to the intuitive control layout.

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About QImaging

QImaging designs and manufactures user-friendly CCD, EMCCD, CMOS and Scientific CMOS cameras for life science, machine vision and OEM applications. These affordable and diverse digital imaging solutions offer outstanding versatility, ease of use and reliability. Customers around the world use QImaging cameras to perform quantitative image analysis and acquire high-resolution images for publication. The company offers a comprehensiveOEM support and maintains numerous third-party alliances with software companies and system integrators to consistently deliver imaging solutions and application-specific software that support a broad range of bioscience and industrial applications. QImaging is headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, and is a registered ISO 9001:2008 company.



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